The Most Beautiful 10 Swimming Pools and Luxury Homes in The World

The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” on Wednesday report and an exhibition of photographs, which included a list of the most beautiful 10 swimming pools and luxury homes in the world.

In the first place came Villa Barbados in the Caribbean luxury, which fetch up to 3.4 million pounds.

They include luxury villa about 5 bedrooms, pool salt water provider, and directly overlooks the ocean; What makes you feel like you are on the surface of a large ship dedicated solely to relax.

And came in second place antique ancient palace on the coast of the Riviera in France, more than $ 17 million pounds.

The picturesque ancient palace back to the thirteenth century, and a vaulted ceiling and provider ancient frescoes, and a central pool gardens, planted around a group of Mediterranean plants and trees.

The third place, was dedicated to the villa on the coast of Mallorca, Spanish, and fetch up to £ 8 million.

The villa five minutes away all charming coastal village, and fitted with eight bedrooms, and a quiet pool overlooking the sea and the countryside, and there beside a small jacuzzi.

And fourth place was awarded to Villa in Antalya, Turkey, and fetch up to 779 thousand pounds sterling, with a Swimming Pool without edges and jacuzzi lets enjoy direct sunlight.

In fifth place occupied pool in Monaco, on the roof of a skyscraper for luxury apartments, while occupied villa in Sardinia Italian sixth place, and fetch up to 15 million pounds.

Morocco were present in the list, and occupied a villa in Marrakech seventh place, and price reached 1.7 million pounds, and outside the bustling city and overlooking the Atlas Mountains green Bmrugea.

And occupied a chalet in Zelamasa Austria eighth place, and reached its price 1.9 million pounds sterling, overlooking the lake and the iceberg, as he finished ninth of share villa in Lisbon, Portugal, fetch up to 3.3 million pounds sterling, and the villa is decorated entirely with wood, and the center pool and views of the beautifully landscaped in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tenth place came from the share of the sprawling palace in the French city of Turan, and is among a group of forest, and equipped with a set of orange nurseries and barns and stables, and sells for 1.8 million pounds.

swimming-pool-8 The Most Beautiful 10 Swimming Pools and Luxury Homes in The World
swimming-pool-7 The Most Beautiful 10 Swimming Pools and Luxury Homes in The World
swimming-pool-6 The Most Beautiful 10 Swimming Pools and Luxury Homes in The World

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