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The Most 10 Transparent Watches in The World

Thanks to technology, we see new and unbelievable things every day which we did not expect to see one day. Things has become smaller in size and lighter in weight and some of them began to vanish such as what happened to the hands of our watches. You can find that some of the modern watches not only do not have hands, but they do not also have dials. It looks unbelievable but the question is, Where Does The Movement of The Watch Go? in these transparent watches.

There are watches that are partially transparent or have a transparent face but the movement is hidden behind a small piece at the center of the watch.

kenneth cole transparent pink watch

Transparent watches look very elegant and stylish. We of course used to see watches with transparent straps, but what is new is that they have become without face at all. In some transparent watches you will find that time is displayed on your skin and there are others which have the time displayed on a transparent material like crystal. We present to you the most transparent watches that you did not see before.

Nail watch: This watch is really amazing and will stun you when you first see it because of its size and weight. The watch is very small and light to the extent that it can be put on your nails.

nail watch

Aeon LCD Watch: The watch has LCD face and time is displayed by LED lights away from traditional hands of our watches or traditional numbers.

aeon transparent lcd watch by samuel jerichow1

Simple Invisible Timepieces: This watch does not have face or numbers to show time. It only uses lights that form the hands of watch to tell time.

Simple Invisible Timepieces

Orbit: This watch is completely transparent and its color differs along the time between black and white.


Kisai Spider LCD Watch: It has LCD face and time in this watch is displayed by LED lights in the shape of a spider’s web.

Tokyo flash Kisai Spider
Black and Silver versions of Kisai Spider watch
Tokyoflash Kisai Spider LCD Watch

Gucci LED Watch: The watch has a glass on which the time is shown by LED lights.

Gucci LED Watch

Vain Transparent Watch: No face but only your hand on which the time is displayed by using LED lights.

vain watch
vain watch

Crystal clear watch: A watch with a transparent crystal that shows time in numbers.

crystal clear watch fossil starck

Transparent watch: This transparent watch does not only tell time, but it also plays music. It is designed by Mac Funamizu.


Transparent Dial Quartz Wrist watch: The face of this watch is made out of glass. This watch is transparent but in fact the movement is hidden behind the strap.


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