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The Latest And Hottest Fashion Trends for Spring

We wait each season for the new fashion that is presented to us through great fashion designers around the world. They pick up the most stylish and attractive colors, fabrics and designs for making us stylish. Some of the old-fashioned trends which appeared in a previous year continue or come back again after being forgotten for years to be one of the hottest and biggest trends for the new season. In this spring, you will find a gorgeous collection of clothes and accessories. The black color is still crowned on the top of the colors’ list as it comes this spring alone or combined with the white color whether it is in dresses with black and white stripes or check box. The stripes whether they are horizontal or vertical will affect your shape, so you should take it into consideration when you buy striped dresses as the vertical striped dresses will make you look taller while the horizontal striped dresses will make you look shorter.



Check box dresses are another design, they come in different colors and they do not necessarily come in black and white. The size of the check box differs from one piece to another whether it is in accessories or in clothes.

Adding prints is one of the biggest trends for this spring. There are prints such as paisley prints, animal, floral prints and patterns that are added to all the pieces of clothes such as pants, blouses and to accessories such as shoes and handbags. In order not to look ugly and ruin your overall shape, avoid pairing more than one print piece with each other. It means that you should not wear print clothes with print accessories such as shoes and bags, you can wear one print piece and pair it with monochromatic pieces or pieces that are in only one color.

The clothes of the coming spring are made from different fabrics which are comfortable, light, elegant, stylish and suitable for the weather in spring. Most of the fabrics that are used are chiffon, satin, silk and crochet.


For the colors that are presented for stylish Eve, you will find many colors that are energetic and vivid such as red, emerald green, creamy, black and white, African violet, Monaco blue, dusk blue, nectarine and other vivid colors that are compatible with the coming spring. These colors can be paired with other colors or can come alone to be known as monochromatic beginning with the tops and ending with the shoes.

The red color is energetic and is presented as one of the most stylish colors for spring in this year.



fashion-spring-bags The Latest And Hottest Fashion Trends for Spring






So, what pieces will you choose to add to your wardrobe?

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