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65+ Hottest Jewelry Trends for Women in 2019

Most of the women, if it is not all of them, like to wear jewelry, not because they want to waste their money but because the jewelry pieces that they see are really catchy and dazzling. They cannot do anything in front of the jewelry pieces that they see, all what they can do is to purchase them to increase their beauty and become more gorgeous. The jewelry pieces that women wear are really costly because they are made of precious metals and are encrusted with diamonds which are more than enough for increasing the prices of the jewelry pieces. For this reason, there are some women who resort to purchasing those jewelry pieces that are cheaper and more affordable. Whether you are going to purchase costly jewelry pieces or cheap ones, you have to check out the latest jewelry trends that are presented every year in order not to waste your money for nothing. In order to make it easy for you to discover more about the new trends in the world of jewelry, we present to you the following hottest jewelry trends for women.

♦ Chokers: How can you increase the beauty of your neck? It is very easy as through wearing chokers, you can get the results that you want. Chokers are available in different designs and materials to make it easy for you to select what suits you and makes you completely comfortable. Wearing chokers is suitable for different seasons especially the fall and winter seasons in order not to feel choked. You can wear these pieces over your hair and you can also make use of the scarves that you have to create elegant chokers on your own for your neck.

♦ Drop, Hoop, Statement & Single Earrings: Which earrings do you like? Do you like those hoop earrings or the drop ones? Whether you like the drop earrings or the hoop ones, you are going to find both of them in the next year to enjoy wearing what you like and what suits the different occasions that you are going to attend. The hoop earrings come to be massive in their size and this appeared in different fashion shows. There are also other trends that continue to be present in the next year such as the statement earrings and the single earrings that appeared before in the last year.

♦ Fringed Jewelry: Fringes are added to different things we wear such as clothes and they are also added to different accessories that we have such as handbags to be one of the hottest trends that are presented for the next year. In addition to the clothes and accessories, fringes are also added to jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and even earrings to be one of the most noteworthy jewelry trends that are presented for the next year. The fringed jewelry pieces are created in different stunning ways to make you fashionable and stylish.

♦ Vintage Jewelry & Brooches: Who says that we can forget the past even in what is related to the jewelry pieces that we wear? Some of the jewelry trends that are presented for the next year are inspired by the jewelry trends that were presented before in the past years. The brooches which were common in the past come back again to appear in different fashion shows and dazzle us with their creative designs. In addition to the brooches that are believed to be classic, you will also find different vintage jewelry pieces which are considered to be perfect for those who like the classic jewelry trends.

♦ Cuffs & Buckles: Cuffs and buckles were seen in different fashion shows all over the world which makes them big jewelry trends for the next year. They are created in several catchy designs and materials to allow you to find what suits you and matches what you wear. You can also find several geometric designs that add a futuristic touch to the cuffs that you are going to wear on different occasions.

♦ Tribal, Statement & Layered Necklaces: The necklaces that are presented every year are created in different designs to allow every woman to purchase what suits her and satisfies her needs. In the next year, you are going to find tribal and statement necklaces. Those statement necklaces are perfect for the women who like wearing large pieces of jewelry. If you do not like the idea of wearing statement necklaces because they are large in size, you can opt for the other trend which is layered necklaces that is ideal for those women who like wearing multiple necklaces.

♦ Pearls & Chains: There are many women who like wearing those jewelry pieces that are decorated with pearls and they even like them more than diamonds. Pearls are considered to be a hot trend in the coming year as you can find them in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well. In addition to pearls, you will also find chains that refuse to leave us and continue to be present in the next year to be found in necklaces, bracelets, chokers and earrings as well.

♦ Body Jewelry: What do you think of accessorizing the whole body to be more beautiful? The jewelry pieces that we wear are not limited to the rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. There are also other jewelry pieces that we will wear in the next year to look more gorgeous and show the beauty of different parts of our bodies. Facial jewelry, arm jewelry and other jewelry pieces that come in the form of chains to decorate different parts of the body will be common in the next year.

♦ Multiple Rings: Wearing multiple rings on just one hand is not a new jewelry trend especially among girls. This trend is going to be one of the biggest and most noteworthy jewelry trends in the next year. It appeared in different fashion shows and is perfect for those girls and women who find that it is not enough to wear only one ring on their hands. If you do not like this jewelry trend, you can opt for wearing only one statement ring on your hand. The two trends will be common in the next year, so try to choose what suits you and shows your personality.