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75 Hottest Handbag Trends for Women in 2019

What are the hottest handbag trends that are presented for the next year? Wearing accessories is a necessity for women to look more gorgeous. They can purchase fashionable and stylish clothes but they are not enough when they are worn without accessories. The accessories that we wear are small in size; however, they play a major role in complementing what we wear and enhancing our elegance. Handbags are among the most essential accessories that women need when they go outside their homes.

Those handbags do not just increase the elegance of women, they are also functional since they are used for keeping and carrying the essential items that a woman or girl may need while being outside the home. There is not a woman who does not have handbags as they are needed at any place outside of the home and are highly required for attending different occasions especially the formal ones. In order to be able to make the right choice and to select the most stylish and appropriate handbags, you have to check out the latest handbag designs that are presented every year. To save your time and effort, we present to you the following hottest handbag trends for women in next years.

♦ Chains, Chains & Chains: What is the most noteworthy handbag trend that you are going to find in the next year? It is adding chains to the handbags that we are going to carry in the next year. These handbags with chains appeared in different fashion shows all over the world making it necessary for you to bring at least one and add it to the handbags that you are going to carry in the next year. The chains are added to several handbags in different sizes, designs and also materials to make it easy for you to choose what you like and what suits the different occasions that you are going to attend in the next year.

♦ Fur, Reptile Skin & Leather: What is your favorite material? Which handbags do you like to carry? Do you like those handbags which are made of fur, or others which are made of leather or reptile skin? Whether you like fur, reptile skin or leather handbags, you are going to enjoy all of these materials in the next year. Leather is the most common material when we talk about handbags and they are also functional like reptile skin handbags. When we come to those furry bags, we need to remember luxury and the feeling of warmth which makes those furry handbags perfect for the fall and winter seasons as the weather becomes cold.

♦ Several Ways for Carrying Your Bag: How do you like to carry your bag? Do you like those handbags with top handles or others with long straps? There are some women who like to carry their handbags through using the top handles feeling that these handbags are more stylish, while there are others who like to keep their hands free and this is why they opt for those bags with long straps. Deciding the most appropriate way to carry your handbag depends on your needs and the occasion that you want to attend. Top handle handbags, cross-body bags and over the shoulder bags are all perfect options from which you can select what you like and keeps you comfortable.

♦ Different Sizes: What is the most suitable size for you? It is impossible to say that there is just one size that suits you and satisfies your needs. You may need to take many things with you while going outside your home and this is why you will need to carry one of those big bags with you especially if you are a mother and usually take your baby with you wherever you go. There are other women who do not like carrying many things with them while walking and this is why they opt for those tiny bags and clutches that are also perfect for the formal occasions. Whether you like the small bags or the big ones, you are definitely going to find what you need in the next year as there are messenger bags, saddle bags, envelope bags, bucket bags, backpacks, travel handbags, clutches and tiny bags. You can also carry more than one bag at a time to keep your belongings organized.

♦ Non-traditional Designs: It is the most interesting part here. Talking about weird and non-traditional designs is always interesting and more impressive than other trends which are considered to be traditional for many people. So, what are the weird designs that are presented for the next year? There are several amazing handbag designs developed by advanced software that are presented for the next year and they are considered to be strange since they are seen for the first time. Most of the weird designs that you will find are inspired by different items that can be found in the surrounding environment. You can find handbags that look like clocks and there are others that are inspired by rockets, road signs, household appliances, shoes and more items that we usually see around us. What do you think of getting one of these amazing handbags?