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The Decor Designers’ Secrets in Choosing Their Colors

   Decoration designers have secrets in choosing the decor colors. When they choose decor colors they depend on the harmony among all colors, the designer doesn’t look at the place as separated rooms but he determines some specific colors to use at the whole place so as not to make the owner of the house dislike the place while moving inside.

     So the decor designers focus on finding a big harmony among the colors of paints, furniture, fabrics, curtains, and carpets. While choosing the decor color whether in fabrics or materials, the designers get one basic color that combines all decoration colors, then they play with the silhouettes grades of it from dark to light with some other colors.

Designers also vary in the used materials to renew the spirit of decoration. As the sense of decoration changes by using various materials and texture. All decoration designers use the mean four colors the red, the yellow, the green, and the blue color.  Each color has its own sense and reflection, the red color is very warm and strong, it is usually used in dining rooms as it encourages people to eat.


Yellow gives a sense of fun, shining, and optimism it is always used in the interior hall or the rooms of old people.

yellow color
yellow color

Blue color reflects a sense of love, peace, and calmness it is always used in adults rooms.


Finally comes the green color which is the color of nature. It reflects a sense of comfort and relaxation, it has a various use especially in the interior lighting for bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.


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