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+25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women

The scarf can trace its origins back to Ancient Rome where it was known as a sudarium in Latin which means sweat cloth in English and was used as a glorified handkerchief. It’s easy to see that the scarf has come a long way. Today this garment is worn for religious purposes to cover the head, is used as a fashion accessory, and even provides sun protection.

Owing to the many reasons why scarves are wardrobe essentials, it is only obvious that scarf trends would evolve over the years. Every year sees a few new scarf trends, and many just carry over from the year before, and keeping that in mind we can expect a few surprises regarding the scarf trends. Read further to know more.

6 The Tartan Scarf Will Be Big in Fall/Winter

What better place to start when discussing scarf trends than the upcoming winter months; when the temperatures are bound to get low, and most folks would prefer to cover up!  It is during this time of the year that Tartan scarves most often make a comeback.

So, do not be surprised if you see people on the street rocking a tartan scarf. The tartan scarf is characterized by its unique pattern of crisscrossed bands in various colors. The tartan scarf trend will be purely limited to street fashion, and you can benefit from rocking the tartan scarf, white tee, skinny blue jeans, and a blue blazer look. This look works for both men and women, and while it is not completely a new trend, we predict that it would be just as popular this winter as it was the last time winter came around. Tartan scarves are freely available and comparatively non-expensive, so there is no reason why you can’t rock these winter accessories.

cozy scarf plaid scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 1

Tartan Scarf 2 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 2

5 Scarves at the Paris Fashion Week

The month of October saw the end of the Paris Fashion Week which is truly influential on trends for spring. As always, the Parisians truly know how to rock a scarf, and the Paris Fashion Week brought a lot of new and unique scarf trends to the forefront. One trend that stood out on the runway was incorporating the scarf into an outfit unlike its usual status as an accessory. We saw scarves works as blouses, make up a whole dress, and even double up as short sarongs. Issey Miyake, Dries Van Noten, Atlein, Christian Wijnants and Veronique Leroy wrapped their models in multiple scarves that merged in with the look and didn’t merely stand out as individual accessories. We predict different interpretations of this trend in the spring.

herms Scarves at the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 3

street fashion Scarves at the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 4

4 Beg, Steal or Borrow your Grandma’s Silk Scarves

Fashion is a revolving door and what goes out comes back in again at some point in time. Silk scarves have been the antithesis of contemporary chic for a while now, and it is one accessory that is most likely to be associated with your grandma. But how times have changed! The silk scarf is back and is going to experience a revival of sorts. A good silk scarf is quite a load on the pocket, so it’s time to beg, steal, or borrow from your grandma’s collection of silk scarves. The silk scarf trend in next years will be all about versatility, so we bet you will see them being paired up with all sorts of outfits that range from casuals, formals and even evening wear. Celine, Balenciaga, and Acne Studios can be largely credited for bringing the silk scarf back by displaying an obvious bias for these accessories on the French runways.

pure silk monsoon scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 5

Scarves at the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 6

Silk Scarves celine spring2018 Paris Fashion Week +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 7

3 Heavy Woolen Scarves

If you are put off by the idea of heavy woolen scarves, then we regret to inform you that such is the compromise you have to make for the sake of fashion. Chunky knit scarves are all set to be big in the fall, and these scarves will stand out as a statement piece for street fashion. So while you can expect the usual sight of skinny blue jeans and white tees, the rather oversized woolen scarf would be the piece de resistance of such a look. Once again, these woolen scarves are widely available and quite inexpensive, so we don’t see why you can’t rock this look.

Heavy Woolen Scarve +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 8

Heavy Woolen Scarve shawls scarves +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 9

2 Unique Ways to Wear the Scarf

The next year’s trends will encourage folks to get creative and adventurous with scarves, so you are bound to see people rocking this accessory in unique ways. The scarf will be worn on the waist, as a headband, and as a glorified choker.

wearing scarf as a chocker +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 10

scarf belt prep style +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 11

1 Colors and Prints

If you are looking for a direction to choose in terms of colors and prints for trendy scarves; the points listed below should be of adequate help. Read further to know more.

  • Earthy shades of beige, cream, tan, and even brown will also find favor with those who prefer lightweight linen scarves.

linen stripped scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 12

scarf Earthy shade +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 13

scarf Earthy shades +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 14

  • The color palette for silk scarves will be endless; which is your ticket to get creative and experimental with these vintage accessories.  However, keep in mind teals, emerald greens, aqua shades, pinks and reds as they are expected to dominate the silk scarf story.

silk scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 15

silk scarf 2 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 16

  • Geometric prints, floral prints, graphic prints and even tribal prints have been seen on the runway and may very well make their way to the streets.

printed scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 17

Geometric printed scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 18

  • Heavy woolen scarves will come in vibrant colors like purple, navy blue, Prussian blue, army green and even pastel shades like cream, mauve and delicate shades of pink and lemon.

pastel Heavy woolen scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 19

biege Heavy woolen scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 20

  • The Hermes Resort show set a glamorous dark tone with buttery black silk scarves that are sure to find favor in the upcoming year.

1020 +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 21

  • The quirky imagery of animals and humans are all set to add to the scarf print story.

leopard print scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 22

  • Dreary colors like charcoal black and shades of grey could very well be the predominant theme for heavy woolen scarves.

black heavy woolen scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 23

  • Tie-dye is also all set to make a comeback, and we are all the better for it.

tie dye cotton scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 24

asos multi tie dye pom scarf +25 Catchiest Scarf Trends for Women - 25

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