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The Best Digital methods and devices for Learning

Teaching students is not an easy task whether it is in class or through the distance learning. The teacher needs to use illustrative tools during explaining the topic that is discussed because explaining without illustration becomes boring for the students and leads to distraction. For solving this problem, it is recommended to use aids during the explanation of the lesson. These aids may be visual, audio or a combination of both of them.

There are many digital devises that are used for illustration such as projectors which are used by the teacher to explain the topic or other private devices used by the students on their own such as computers, lap tops, tablets, mb4 players, netbooks, smart phones, kindles and iPads. All of these devices help the student to access to the explained topic which is more illustrated.


Smart phones:

Lap tops:

MB4 players: For only listening to audio illustrations.


Digital resources of teaching are proved to be very effective for the students as they help them to pay more attention, be more interactive and concentrate during explanation.This is because digital illustration needs more than one sense to interact such as listening and seeing to what is displayed. The student is also allowed to download the digital resource, to repeat it more than one time and to learn at their own pace. It will be beneficial for encouraging distance and self based learning.




There are important methods that allow the teacher to successfully convey information to students and help them to understand the content without difficulties. Here are the best methods for delivering information through digital devices.

-Choose a good camera for taking photos that are related to the topic that is going to be explained.

-Choose a good digital camera for recording videos that should be clear to help students to understand more.

-For recording sounds, you should use a recording device that gives a clear sound when it is presented to the students.

-It is necessary for the digital resource that is presented to the students to include exercises for assessment and to make sure that the students understood the content of the resource.

-You should choose a good file format for presenting images and videos and it should be suitable for the students and can be run on their devices.

These methods will help to form a perfect digital resource for the students to make use of them whenever they want.