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The Best 10 Videos and 30 images for Sand Art

Art in general is interesting and adds sensitivity to our life. It moves your feelings and make you contemplate the surrounding nature around you. Sand art is a field of art that is very fascinating and attracts your attention in a strange and unbelievable way. You stand in front of sand art with your eyes widely opened from being surprised of what you see. All the words of praise can not describe this magnificent art that takes the mind. You will not be able to decide what to praise , the sand art it self or those who perform it. The artists of the sand art are really creative persons who deserve to be praised for the magnificence of their work that dazzles us. Sand art can be divided in to types according to the place where it is performed. The first type is performed on a glass table and is called sand animation while the second type is performed on beaches or near seas.

For the first type of sand art that is performed on glass tables, it is based on animation as the artist uses sand on the glass table and begins to make shapes that present to us a story or conveys a specific theme. It is like silent narration to a story and you sit all the time waiting for seeing the coming incidents that complete the previous ones. It is based on suspense as you look forward to know what will happen at the end, you have no idea about the sand story so you wait. The performance is accompanied by playing music which affects the audiences more while watching the sand artwork. It is not an easy task to convince audiences and affect them without uttering a single word. It is a non verbal art that is highly effective and stunning. Here are some of the best videos for sand artworks that will really dazzle you and you will have the desire to see them more than one time.

“Separation as a result of war” The best and most effective one.

“Wedding – before and after..”

“You’ve Got a Friend”

“My Eyes”

“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

“King of Thailand”


“A Sand Animation for Nitish Bharti”

“Love 2008”

“Sand Art”

For the second type which is performed on beaches, it is very wonderful and not less important than the previous type. All what you need to perform this artwork is to have water ad sand. This type looks like sculpture art. When you see the artworks of this type you will not believe that they are performed by sand. They look as if they are carved in rocks. There are many shapes that are done by sand, some of them are performed horizontally and the others are performed vertically. You can find castles, animals and human shapes. The worst thing about these works is that they can be easily destroyed to find that the work in which you exerted a great effort vanished.

After seeing these images and watching these videos you will wish you can learn this great art to perform it and enjoy your final work.