The African WildCat With Its Behavior And Characteristics

” The African wildcat “, its name refers that it is one of the wild animals which belong to the continent of Africa. The African wildcat is a wild subspecies locates in North Africa and around borders of peninsula to the Caspian Sea, it looks like mini cheetah. The wildcats are very known and common for all people as they are increasingly distributed cat species. In this topic, we are going to show you some characteristics and ways of behavior of the African wildcat.


Rare warm pictures of African cats by Paul Goldstein (15)

The color of fur of the African wildcat could be pale yellow, light sandy gray or reddish hue. The African wildcat has long light yellow hairs around its pinna and its ears are reddish to gray. About its stripes, they are dark black stripes as two stripes are running horizontally to the cheek while there are four to six  stripes across the throat. On the forelegs, there are two dark rings while hind legs are striped. Its feet are dark brown to black.



This species of African wildcat eats primarily rats, mice and other small mammals. It may also eats birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians when the opportunity arises. Before attacking its prey, the African wildcat approaches it very slowly (nearly one meter) then attack it. The night and twilight are the suitable time for it to be mainly active, it becomes active in the dark and cloudy days and usually hides in the bushes during the daylight. The African wildcat raises its hair which allows it to look bigger than usual for intimidating its opponent. The gestation of the female African wildcat lasts between 56 and 69 days, the female gives birth to nearly 2 to six kittens which means 3 kittens as average. Most of the kittens are born in the wet season when the food is available. The kittens need the full care of the mother as they are born blind, they stay with their mother for five or six months till they become fertile after six months.




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