The 3 Best Phones Coming in 2020

Are you looking for a new phone? Want something that is going to be unique, powerful, and stylish? Well, you are in luck, the 2020 era is going to bring foldable and 5G enabled phones. Smartphones have driven people crazy. There are plenty of utilities that often make our life easier. Managing our personal life, obliging to our professional commitments, planning our vacation, and many more responsibilities have become so easy with smartphones.

Technology has always equipped people to keep inventing more. Desires have no limits, and certainly, these turn out to be opportunities for smart companies. What can we expect from them in 2020? It’s recommended to look at your options when purchasing a new phone, Clever Shop List allows you to compare shops that sell mobile phones. Now, let us dive into the three most exciting phones coming in 2020.

1 Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020

Samsung is one company that keeps introducing innovative models in every new phone, and strikingly they get successful in the market. Similarly, the Samsung lovers are going to be gifted with the Samsung Galaxy Flex in 2020. It is an extremely innovative design that the company has been working for many years now.

Let us look into some of the interesting features:

  1. Foldable model – The Company has employed the AMOLED design to take away the conventional flat display and replace it with a unique foldable screen model. It is similar to the OLED display. The slight variation here is that, instead of having a separate layer to recognize the touch on the screen, the layer itself is integrated for advanced features. The layer is ultra-thin and has a 6.5 inch Quad HD display. We can wear it just like a smartwatch. It is going to very easy and convenient to carry.
  2. Unique specifications
  • 8 GB RAM and up to 512 GB ROM
  • Powered by Exynos 10 Series processor
  • Sensor edge for a sound that facilitates volume control by just swiping on the edges
  • Dual Camera with 23MP +16MP
  • 5G enabled
  • On display scanner for fingerprint
  • 3300mAh for an advanced Poly battery system

The price is expected to be more than 2000$ and certainly going to be the costliest smartphone in the world.

Samsung-Galaxy-Flex-2020-675x380 The 3 Best Phones Coming in 2020

Samsung-Galaxy-Flex-2020-1-675x380 The 3 Best Phones Coming in 2020

2 iPhone 2020

iPhone brands always live as pride in many hearts. Its secure models have been the true driver of the constant customer base. What is iPhone 2020 have in stock for us?

  • iPhone models are known for their sleek appearances. Here, we will have an all-glass framework with carbon fiber on the sides.
  • The unique feature of Apple, the Tap – tic engine simulates the functioning of the volume and mute buttons, making it free from mechanical operations.
  • 5G enabled to enhance the network connectivity and security features at the same time
  • The aspect ratio is 18:9. So, it looks very long and narrow
  • The home button is going to be present exclusively on the screen. The only real button on the phone is going to be the power button.
  • Internally, the Company has deployed a comparatively smaller electronic logic board to equip a large battery and bigger speakers as well
  • Camera pixel expected to be 20MP and also might include a 3D capture technology.

iPhone-2020-1-675x450 The 3 Best Phones Coming in 2020

3 Moto Razr V4

Motorola phones have been a sensation for many people in the world. Its striking features and quality performance have been driving their customer base when a new model arrives. The Clamshell model is a unique characteristic of this Company. What is going to be special about the model in 2020?

  • The Clamshell model is regaining as a foldable display which is AMOLED based
  • There is going to be a secondary display on the center of the phone when it is folded
  • It is expected to have three display patterns; approximately 6-inch primary display, 2.5-inch Exterior display, and a 0.75-inch multipurpose display
  • Ultra-thin model for a sleek appearance and feel
  • The camera is dually designed with 16 MP +12MP
  • A single lens on the upper half of the backside is relevant to the model
  • In-display fingerprint scanner just below the secondary display on the front
  • Price is expected to be around 1500$.
  • If you are a Motorola product lover, then gear up for an extensive model. It is going to be as equivalent as the top brands in the world.

Moto-Razer-V4-mobile-675x380 The 3 Best Phones Coming in 2020

Technologies keep improving, and our expectations keep increasing. However, the necessities remain consistent. Evaluate the needs for your smartphone in 2020, research on the available options and check if it will suffice your needs. If you feel that it is undoubtedly the best product for you and if it is affordable, then just go for it. It is highly assured that it is going to be one among the aforesaid!!

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