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10 Terrific «Back to School» Nail Art for Kids

School may not be our favorite time of the year, but we have to find the best in it and have the best look for it, as well. “Back to school” nail art is never predictable. In addition, such art has gone beyond our expectations. Nail art is about creativity and turning visuals into paintings on nails. Back to school nail art will surprise you with traditional yellow pencils with pink erasers, notebooks, apples that we used to give to our beloved teachers, textbooks, and classes. Pouted is offering you a list of the best nail art styles and tutorials so you have no excuse.

6 Wooden pencil and eraser inspired nail art

Let your nails grow to reach the medium length, so you can work freely with them as you should have enough space for three colors.
So, the first step is: prepare three nail polishes: yellow, reddish-pink, and silver. Secondly, put a small piece of scotch tape on the tip of your nails. Make sure you do not use a base coat because if you use it, the scotch will not stick properly. Then, paint the bottom of the nail with the yellow nail polish, and make sure that the yellow part is a little bit more than half of the nail. When the nail polish gets tacky, which is not fully dry, remove the tape and use a tip of an orange wooden stick to push the nail polish to create a ridge. Afterward, paint the other half of the nail reddish pink, which represents the eraser of the pencil. Then paint the small part where the mustard yellow and the reddish-pink meet with silver. Voila! You have an inspired end of wooden pencil nails. Rachel of pretty polishes has videoed a tutorial in which she lively explains how you can maintain the style.

5 Notebook inspired nails

Okay! This one is a true piece of cake as you will not use any wooden sticks or scotch tapes. All you have to do is to purchase three nail polishes: white, blue, red. Moreover, prepare a clear nail polish as a top coat. Firstly, paint the whole nail with the white polish as a base coat. Then, paint three blue horizontal lines across your nails, and make sure you keep the nail brush perfectly still. The next step is: paint a red vertical line on the left side of your nail. Finally, add the final touch with clear polish as a top coat.

4 Teachers always get the apple nails

The idea is quite simple to be carried out. As all you need is red nail polish and stickers. The whole process demands three steps. The first step: paint at least four nails, of your choice, red. Then paint the one left white. On the white colored nail paint an apple with red and dab bits of green glitter on the lead of the apple, to render it intriguing. Of course, feel free to change the colors and opt for the ones that fit you and goes with the colors of your outfits.

3 Text on paper nail art

To maintain the style, first of all paint your nails white and make sure that the polish is dry enough before taking the next step. Put your fingers in rubbing alcohol, from seven to ten seconds. Afterwards, take a small piece of a newspaper sheet and place it on your nails. It merely looks fun, and hard-to-maintain but it is quite easy after viewing the tutorial.

2 Notebook and flowers

Video Blogger Jenny Claire Fox has cut out the notebook inspired nails and added the girliest touch to it. Here are the steps: if you have maintained the notebook inspired nails before mentioned or it has caught your affection, then this one will be the perfect style for you! At first, you have to carry out the before mentioned process in which you paint your nails white, then paint blue horizontal lines and one red line on the left across your nail. Then, you can paint a small flower, using pink, yellow, and green nail polish. However, you will paint the other four nails white and you will paint three flowers, using pink and yellow polish. Enjoy the feminine look!

1 Classes inspired nails

For such style, paint your nails white and draw two black vertical lines, as piano keys, and along each line, draw two shorter ones. Then, paint the clear top coat. For the second finger, you may maintain the chalkboard nail; paint your nail green, then add a white tip. After that, you can use a white striper to draw numbers as mathematical figures. Then, add the orange nail polish on the white tip. Done with math class. What about geography class?
Paint your nails white, then use light blue nail polish to draw a big circle. Then, of course, add green polish that refers to the land and draw a black semi-circle around planet earth. Of course be careful, not to make things get out of control. Furthermore, you can outline the green parts with black polish, but if things will be messed up, it is okay to leave the green parts as they are.

Finally, nail art is more flexible than we think. So, you can combine all the styles mentioned above and carry out the process on each nail, so you may have ten styles. Remember! These are your nails and your own look, so, choose what suits you.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend long nails for school children. There are a lot of fabulous nail art designs made for short nails. A comic book could be a better choice than newspapers for text on paper nail art.

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