Technology Upgrades to Make Your Home More Secure

Advanced technology can make your home more secure and prevent any attempt at theft or burglary. Systems include surveillance, video recording, and alarms that have been enhanced for quick set-up, convenient use and longer useful lives. Get to know the devices you can get your hands on to try and implement in your safe haven.

Security is always a priority at home. You want to protect your property against damage and your family from unwanted intruders. But the thing is, you can only do so much. Thanks to some technological innovations, though, there is a great number of gadgets, devices, and systems you can find in the thriving tech market. Some of these tools can even be custom-tailored according to your needs, preferences and home set-up, and keep your family and home protected whether you’re travelling for weeks or hitting the sack at night. If you need to step up your security but don’t know where to start, here is a handy list you can go over to find out about the best smart home devices you can get your hands on.

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1 Smart lock

The front door is the main entrance to your home and probably the best option for bad people to get inside your property. Unfortunately, even the most expensive manual deadbolts can be opened by experienced lawbreakers. That is changing now with the advent of smart lock technology that is available almost everywhere.

Unlike traditional locks that have limited capabilities, a smart lock provides more security with its ample and advanced features. For one, you won’t need a key anymore with some of the models. This allows you a quick entry and exit without always keeping in mind to bring a key wherever you go. The best thing with this technology is you get to control the lock with your smartphone, manage access codes remotely, set up a touch-based unlocking mechanism or tap a voice command, depending on the models and price you are willing to pay.

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2 Video doorbell

Opening a knock on the door means an invitation for strangers to come in. If only you can confirm who is on the other side of the door or gate, you would not be forced to unlock your main entrance to dangerous people who may have undesirable motives. Today, there is a video doorbell that makes it easy to see any visitor without opening the door or gate. Whether it is attorneys that can help you with a case or a new neighbor that wants to interact, a video doorbell can quickly confirm who is coming over.

Video doorbells don’t just give you additional eyesight; they allow you to make your home safer. The smart device makes it possible to alert your smartphone and record a video every time someone is close to the doorway, and speak with the visitor through the phone. Several brands are battery-operated or wired, can be integrated with a digital assistant like Alexa, have high-definition night vision and connect to a cloud app or site for ample storage.

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3 Home Monitoring Robot

The Internet of Things is creating advanced machines that can help you with chores, build thousands of products in a split second, or get an autonomous security robot you can bring home. While people might be wishing for an intelligent robot that can serve as a sentinel guarding their property, advanced applications boasted about by the robotics industry can only offer some solutions.

But with home monitoring being given heaps of attention, time can only tell when it will be all possible. The most recent models are promising. Most can be integrated with other smart devices like voice controls, lights, and security cameras. As expected, the tiny machine can roam around the house over most surfaces, record what it sees and transmit a live feed to your smartphone.

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The market can only expect more sophisticated, state-of-the-art devices to come for a place in your home. If any of these can make you sleep soundly at night or take your worries away while on vacation, then they can be a great addition to your home’s security.

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