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Take Advantage Of Garlic In 5 Steps

Garlic is very important to our health and bodies as it has many bountiful benefits. Garlic has been valued for its ability to provide many benefits ranging from acne free bright and healthy skin to thick, lustrous hair. Garlic is rich in selenium, calcium and Vitamin B as well as including antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Selenium is known to work as to fight cancer and it also works with Vitamin E to increase the antioxidant power. Garlic improves the metabolism of iron, contains antiviral properties, works on boosting the immune system, acts as a natural antibiotic, helps in reducing the inflammation in the body as well as the properties that aid in lowering the blood pressure. Here are 5 steps which you should follow to take advantage of garlic.

1. Get a clove of garlic from any local food store: the garlic should be from a good producer and fresh as well. The fresher garlic has better benefits.

2. Peel the skin off of one of the clove: put the rest of the clove in a container in the refrigerator or the freezer to keep it fresh. The fresher the garlic is, the more vitamins and minerals are included in it. The fresh garlic will provide you with many bountiful benefits.

3. Cut a small chunk off of the one you peeled: make sure that the piece that you cut is very small, because too much garlic can make you to get sick and here our goal of garlic is to make you feel better.

4. Swallow the piece of garlic with a full glass of water: the water will help your digestion and will calm your stomach too.

5. Keep doing this every morning for better health: do it as a habit with every morning good breakfast and you will feel much better soon. Garlic will improve your immune system and the dark rings under your eyes.

Try not to eat too much of garlic as a little bit goes a long way. Do not eat it on an empty stomach, because it may make you to get sick.

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