• Technology

    Cobots Have Changed the Way Humans Work

    Robots on factory floors have increased in numbers over the past few years. Today these pieces of smart equipment are called cobots. Collaborative robots are the best way to embrace automation in factories and optimize…

  • Technology

    Which Robots Do We Use in Military Applications?

    Military robots are among the best inventions that have helped us to decrease the number of soldiers’ lives that we risk in wars.┬áMost of the robots are remotely controlled, but there are some cases in…

  • Technology

    35 Amazing Robo Lamps for Your Children’s Room

    Most of the new inventions concentrate on developing robots to provide human beings with the needed comfort and it seems that robots are going to occupy our life step by step to the extent that…

  • Technology

    How do Robo-Bugs Look Like?

    Everyday we discover something new about technology that always comes to fascinate us and make us feel that we really live in future. Robots are among the new technological inventions that are developed everyday to…

  • Technology

    What Can Humanoid Robots Do?!

    Robots have been developed from just ordinary machines that are programmed to follow specific instructions and perform certain actions to other robots which are more improved and efficient. They have a better shape and perform…

  • Technology

    Best 10 Robot Gift Ideas

    No one can deny that robots have become very essential in our life to the extent that they are used in many fields. They help us to perform many tasks that are tiring and cannot…

  • Technology

    Are you stressed? Watch these Robots Dancing Gangnam Style

    To draw the smile on your face and alleviate your stress we present to you the following topic. We bet you will enjoy and like it. You will watch it more than once. Technology is…

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