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    42 Most Breathtaking 3D Street Art Works

    Art with its different types will not stop stunning us one day. You can find paintings everywhere; however you cannot feel bored because each painting is created in a new way that differs from other…

  • Arts

    25 Strangest Wall Paintings

    There are some people who do not like to follow traditional ways of life and always try to find new and unique ways to change their lives and the daily routine in which they live.…

  • Arts

    TOP 10 Most Expensive Paintings in The World

    Art is one of the most interesting things that many people enjoy. It transmits anyone from the real world to another world which is more beautiful and fascinating. It encourages you to contemplate the surrounding…

  • Arts

    45 Stunning 3D Paintings for Decoration

    From time to time you would like to change the appearance of your home. There are many ways for doing that , but the easiest way is to use paintings. There is no one who…

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