• Garden

    11 exceptional Insects Realm Creatures

    Did you know that insects are actually considered animals? Yes, that is right. It may sound incredibly bizarre, but it is actually true. Scientifically, insects are classified among the animal kingdom, but we are all…

  • Pets

    Mountain Lion “The Large Cat” … Most Hidden Facts

    There are several names that are used to refer to the mountain lion such as puma, mountain cat, cougar, catamount, painter and panther but the most common name that is used to refer to it…

  • Public and leisure
    egg within an egg

    REAL Eggs inside the eggs

    Wilson  decided to take a picture during frying the egg,as he think  it contains more than yolks, because it’s a great strikingly. But what that break the egg until he found inside a second egg.…

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