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    7 Hottest Engagement Ring Trends

    Spring is upon us, and nearly everybody who gives two hoots about fashion is getting their wardrobes upgraded for the season of blossoms and sunshine. In stores, the trends are always starting to form up.…

  • Jewelry

    How to Pick The Perfect Ring for Your Engagement

    Back in the day, only the rich and the royals could afford diamonds. Over the past few decades, we have seen a significant rise in popularity for these precious stones. As a representation of earth’s…

  • Women Fashion

    35 Fabulous Antique Palladium Engagement Rings

    There are many materials that are used for making engagement rings. You can find engagement rings that are made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, metal, platinum and other materials that are really precious…

  • Trendy Jewelry Fashion

    Best 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings For Sale

    There many different types of designs, cuts, and stones available for engagement rings, but the styles with the 3 stone diamonds will be the ideal choice to express your love. Most people choose 3 stone…

  • Trendy Jewelry Fashion

    Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamond engagement rings are the best elegant piece of jewelry that everyone is looking forward to having them. Every diamond engagement ring has its own beautiful style. There is a style that might not be…

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