• Automotive

    Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

    Fast cars are not like the traditional cars that we drive, they are more impressive and make you enjoy the experience of driving at a high speed. They do not only allow you to save…

  • Automotive

    Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

    Cars are not only bought and used to facilitate the process of moving from one place to another, they are also bought to complete the luxurious life that some people live. Cars can be considered…

  • Automotive

    30 Creative and Breathtaking Car Design Ideas

    There is no one who does not like cars. There are too many cars that differ in their shapes, speed, designs, colors and other specifications to suit all the tastes and satisfy all the needs.…

  • Automotive

    Top 10 Most Interactive Car Print Ads

    The traditional ways for promoting products are using the print ads, internet and TV commercials. The print ads are the least attractive ones, because they contain just images that do not even move. To make…

  • News

    50 cars and trucks in a huge accident in Sweden

    Not less than 50 cars and trucks in a huge accident in Sweden, in a town about 80 km Hillsnburj, specifically on Tranarbs bridge where the temperature drops to 13 degrees Seleziossih, formed the cars…

  • Public and leisure

    $ 4.2 Million for Batman Car

    A man from Arizona fond of the character Batman cart used by these personal in the famous TV he bought this car at $ 4.2 million during the auction. Rick ¬†Champaign who owns a company…

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