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    How to Protect Yourself When Dating

    As the dating pool expands, so do the risks. Going out into the dating world without basic protection mechanisms is utter foolishness. Unmask and other background check experts advise you to choose dating apps carefully…

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    Should I Run a Background Check on My Date?

    In today’s internet-oriented society, online users can discover lots about someone by performing a quick internet search. These are conducted in multiple settings, whether it’s an employer learning more about a prospective employee’s background, or…

  • Lifestyle

    What Information Is Included in a Background Check?

    Where have you lived, worked or have you ever been locked up for a crime? From the time you are born, every detail about you forms your background. The hospital where you were born in,…

  • Technology

    Performing a Background Check on Politicians Could Be Crucial

    Even though politicians are supposed to ensure that the nation is thriving, we know that unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because our politicians are not always righteous people, we need to make sure…

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