3 Tips When Changing to Swedish Furniture Designs

Swedish furniture is one of the most elegant furniture, it looks like antiques. It is used in most of palaces, because of its privately and specialty.

Swedish furniture is very variable in all shapes. There are Swedish sofas, Swedish chairs, Swedish bedrooms, Swedish dining rooms and Swedish armchairs.

If you want to change all your furniture to get Swedish furniture, it will be over exaggerated. If you want to get Swedish furniture, you should start with the small room and change only one or two piece of your room, this will make the room to look more fresh, clear and elegant .But when you change a lot of pieces into the same room, it will make the room looks like a park. So you have to choose well , and to avoid exaggeration.

Some people turns to make their furniture as Swedish furniture by their special hands to make it special and private pieces. They bring their old piece clean such as a chair to start turning it into Swedish furniture style.

First, put the chalk paint on all the sides of the chair moving like the motion of the clock , but never put it on the painted side untill it get dry.

Second, put the gold on the curves and details of the chair.

Third, put the faux effects to make the chair looks more antiques.

Remember to use artist’s brush , because it will help you to control better in painting .

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  1. To complete your bedroom you should always accompany your bed with bedside tables. They are a useful feature, not only for storing possessions in, but for holding lamps or photos of loved ones.

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