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SuperGreen Hosting Company Has Raised My Online Business $$$

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Editorial SuperGreen Hosting Review:

In this era of recording and managing personal carbon footprints, Super Green web hosting steals a huge march over others.

Not only does the site provide highly energy efficient servers, it is also environment friendly in being 100% carbon neutral and that too in a highly professional hosting environment. The best features of SuperGreen hosting that would charm even the most jaded of internet surfers include availability of by far the best control panel, i.e. cPanel, any number of MySQL databases to access and unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited hosting space and email accounts, though promised by many others, are an actuality on this site!



Super Green Hosting Features:

The key features of this particular web hosting site are given below:

* Free Domain: Super Green web hosting plans provide the client with free domain name for life. Knowing this, a person does not have to worry about losing the identity they have created for their website over an extended period of time and through a lot of hard work. Super Green ensures automatic renewals of the domain as and when required.

* Uptime Guarantee: Super Green web hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime service. Even though there are thousands of servers, this guarantee of reliability applies to all of them, thus ensuring website is accessible round the clock.

* Highly Affordable: Since Super Green allows a client to host an unlimited number of websites, just this one account itself saves a client hundreds of dollars each year. More so, when you learn that although it is normally priced at $ 6.95 per month, this service is now available at a BIG DISCOUNT of just $ 3.95 per month!

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* Simplicity: Super Green web hosting has the highly appreciated ‘drag and drop’ website builder which allows for very smooth functionality. Additionally, there is the facility of ‘one-click’ installations of applications to help in ease of use.

* Free Script Library: The extensive numbers of scripts available allows Super Green users to build highly complicated websites with minimal or even no knowledge of programming!

* Unlimited Domain Hosting: Using all of Super Greens web hosting’s plans, it is possible to have any number of domains on a cPanel account. That way all websites can be managed on just one server and from a single place!

* Customer Support: The focus of Super Green is on customer support and satisfaction. This function has been refined over the years, so that anyone and everyone can access this support 24×7 and 365 days in the year through phone, by dialling 1-888-210-4430 or through email and online chat. Help is also available through tutorials and online help, besides the Active Community.

* Money Back Guarantee: Should a client not be satisfied with Super Green’s services for any reason, there is always the option for cancellation within the first 30 days with full money back assurance.



So, Is Super Green Hosting Sucks?!

With all the advantages listed above and the intention to be a better friend to this planet of ours, you should be all for becoming a part of the Super Green web hosting family … SO GO FOR IT!!


SuperGreen Hosting Coupon:

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  1. While setup is easy, I’ve experienced several server issues over the past six months. Very frustrating to say the least, to be told that the server is down and “they’re working on it.” AT least they get back to me promptly to let me know it’s down :-/

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