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” Sunglasses ” A key Accessory for men

Sunglasses are very important for both women and men as it completes the whole look. It is a key accessory  for man who reflects your elegance and personality. But do you know how to choose the perfect sunglasses for your face!!

You should determine what is the shape of your face to choose the most suitable one. You will see a big number of various sunglasses which may attract you, you can try all these types and styles to facilitate taking the decision of purchasing the perfect one.

If you have a square face with strong jaw, so the round or oval frames will work perfectly and try to avoid square and geometric frames. The triangle face is known by the narrow forehead and widen in the chicks and chins, the appropriate style is the top-heavy style. For the oval face which is long, most of the frames suit this type of face whether it is square, geometric or rectangular. The round face features are rounded chin with full chicks, it is better to choose horizontal and rectangular style which make your face looks thinner and longer.

Now, you know about types of faces, choose the suitable style to your face, the color and the perfect one which suits your style of clothes whether it is casual or formal.Try most styles of glasses, then take your decision.

Some images of elegant sunglasses