Do You Suffer from Insomnia?

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?, do you spend long hours trying to sleep? do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to sleep again? There are many people who suffer from insomnia and it is really a disturbing problem that makes you restless and anxious not only at night, but also in the rest of the day which affects all of your life, health and mood. Insomnia makes you feel tired, confused, unable to concentrate and feel sleepy during daytime.


The causes of insomnia may be medical or psychiatric; it may come as a result of stress, anxiety, frustration, being tired of work, illness, wrong sleeping habits, health problems such as breathing disorder, suffering from a disease, uncomfortable sleep environment, smoking, drinking alcohol, drinks and medicines that contain caffeine. All of these problems disturb you while you are asleep or before sleeping. Treating insomnia depends first on determining the main cause that leads to the lack of sleep. This facilitates the process of deciding the most suitable and effective treatment.


In order to overcome insomnia and get rid of it, you will first need to change many wrong habits that you used to follow in your life before deciding to take medicines. Here are some tips that will certainly help you to sleep well at night without suffering.

1- Prepare your bedroom for sleeping: First of all, you will need to prepare a good and suitable environment for sleeping. The bedroom should be quite, dark and the temperature of the room should be moderate.

2- Comfortable mattress: Make sure that the mattress on which you sleep is comfortable enough for you to allow you to sleep well without being  disturbed.

3- Do not eat too much: Making your stomach full of food before bedtime will disrupt your sleeping.

4- Specify a time for sleeping: It is better for you to wake up and sleep at the same time everyday even on the weekend. Changing the time of sleeping and waking up will create a kind of disorder for your body, because it follows a biological clock.

5- Relax yourself: If you find it difficult to sleep, then try to do something that helps you to relax, but out of the bedroom such as reading, having a warm drink such as milk, camomile or herbal tea, taking a warm bath, listening to quite and calming music and doing relaxation exercises like yoga and breathing exercises.

6- Keep away from sleeping during daytime: Snoozing for long hours during daytime reduces your need to sleep at night and it may make you awake without the ability to sleep well. If you feel that you are completely tired and need to take a snooze during daytime, then it should not exceed half an hour in the afternoon before it becomes 3 o’clock.

7- Do not argue or do tough exercises before sleeping: Doing tough exercises or arguing with others before sleeping will activate you and will make sleeping difficult.


8- Avoid smoking at night: Smoking especially at night affects the quality of your sleeping.

9- Avoid alcohol: Drinking alcohol at night is thought to help you to sleep, but it in fact affects your sleeping and disrupts it.

10- Keep away from caffeine: The drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee will prevent you from sleeping, so you have to stop drinking them 8 hours before sleeping.

11- Keep the clocks away from you: Keeping the clock in front of your eyes will increase your anxiety and make you depressed, because you cannot sleep.

12- Make your bedroom a place for sleeping only: Allocating the bedroom for sleeping only and keeping away from doing other activities in it such as watching TV, working or reading will help you to prepare your mind and body for sleeping when you enter it.

13- Avoid hunger before bedtime: Do not go to your bed while you are hungry, because your need to eat will disturb you and disrupt your sleeping.

14- Leave the bedroom: If you cannot sleep, then leave the bedroom and do not stay in the bed trying to sleep, because this will make you more anxious.

15- Visit your doctor: If you failed to overcome insomnia with the previous methods, then you will need to consult a doctor to determine the cause of this problem, because it may result from a physical disorder.

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