Is the Submarine Shark Real Or Just a Fake?

Shark Week is a week-long block of shark-based programming that comes every year and is aired on Discovery Channel. What is presented by Shark Week is real and fictional which means that you may watch fake things like what have recently been presented. Shark Week which airs every year for an entire week begins in July or August and it premiered on July 17, 1988 to impress many people around the world. Shark Week is now available in more than 72 countries and is strongly promoted on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are many impressive and interesting programs that are usually presented by Shark Week, but the most interesting one is The Monster Shark Lives which is among the most watched programs in the history of Shark Week. The main reason behind increasing the popularity of Shark Week and making it watched by many people from around the world is that it reveals to us many secrets and shows what is hidden away from us about sharks and what they do under the sea.

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It seems that Shark Week is going to lose its popularity soon for what it does. “Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine” that is presented by Shark Week is all about an attack off the South African coast by a great white shark which is 35 feet long. Presenting such a thing is really interesting, but when you discover that all of this is just a fake and nothing of that had happened, you will find yourself extremely annoyed and this is exactly what happened to the fans of Shark Week who are now disappointed.


It is claimed that a large white shark attacked a whale-watching vessel this year, but this did not happen. So, what about the scientists, shark experts and eyewitnesses whom we watched in the film? The film is computer generated and to make it look real, there are shark experts, scientists and eyewitnesses who are presented to us but what is shocking is that all of them are just actors.


There was what is like a storm on the social networking websites as fans took social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to start talking about what they watched and to protest against Shark Week that deceives them. Presenting fictional shows and wrong information is what made the fans of Shark Week become annoyed and attack it on social media sites. They assure that presenting fake programming such as Shark of Darkness is going to ruin Shark Week soon.


Shark Week really succeeded in disappointing all of its fans who loved and supported it for years believing that it can bring them all what they want to discover about sharks and their life in the sea. There are others who did not like Shark of Darkness at all whether it is real or fake as they say that it is boring and not good since it repeats the same shots of the attack by the great white shark.


So, what is your opinion on the Shark of Darkness?


Do you like watching shows like this one?

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