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The Most Stylish of Rachel Leigh Jewelry Designs

Rachel Leigh Jewelry is a collection of contemporary and sophistication with a very affordable price. If you want to be stylish without spending too much on your jewelry, this brand is for you. You can have the same fancy taste and texture in every piece that is enough for everyday use. The shape and designs are smooth and solid. You can see a very neat line in any of their pieces. This jewelry collection spells economy, modernity, and practicality.

A little history :

Rachel Blumenthal started in the fashion industry as a publicist for a high-end fashion designer YSL. She never thought she would later become a jewelry designer since she is busy with her work in the line of apparels. She did not feel any reason to shift the gears from her then present work. Later did she know of her capabilities as a jewelry designer when she first got a meeting with fashion editors from Lucky. Then, she wore a ring which she made her own. The editors are impressed and took the ring from her finger to show it to their director. Since then, she knew what she should be doing – designing pieces of jewelry.

By 2004, she made a turn and left her YSL family to build her dream. With her own hands, she battled to make a name in the world of jewelry designing. She got recommendations from Candy, Daily, and Lucky magazines. Soon, she got a single show at Henri Bendel where she was able to show 200 pieces of hand-made rings. Now, Rachel’s work is known all over the US, Canada, Japan, and Scandinavia. She has stores online as well.

Popular designs :

  1. 1.      Rachel Leigh bracelets. These pieces are neat. They got bangle bracelets, infinity bracelets and hinge cuffs. The color shades available are neutral, silvery and pastel liked turquoise and oranges. One of the most loved is the Kruger edition where a tri-pentagonal geometric shape pieces met at a common center forming an apex. This design is trimmed in orange mixed with gold or brass. The details vary from graphic, infinity, chains and molded metals. Each of these is sure to have minimal intricacies and simple features.
  2. 2.      Rachel Leigh earrings. The earrings are single studded or a double drop design. The single studded ones have designs running around the edges of the center stone. The designs are very corporate and minimal. On the other hand, double drop earrings have dangling features but the length is made shorter to avoid extravagance yet style-wise.
  3. 3.      Rachel Leigh necklaces. Most of the necklaces are simple thin gold chains with eye-catching pendants. The color and the structure of each pendants makes easily noticeable. You will enjoy the serenity of the simple features. This makes the piece wearable for everyday office work.
  4. 4.       Rachel Leigh Rings. The most popular design is the “Singita”. It is characterized by a brass ring with stone holder. The stone can be chocolate rock, fuchsia rock or midnight rock. The color variation is such a collectible item. You can collect all three colors to match any color of your everyday working dress.

Where to buy :
Rachel Leigh Jewelry is available in Amazon. They carry a lot of good designs of earrings, necklaces, rings, cuffs, and bracelets. You get them at reasonable prices.
You can also watch out for Rachel Leigh Sample Sale around the US. Internet posts in Google usually get the schedules. The most recent sample sale activity was in NYC at 252 West 38th Street. You can check with the schedules for the nest big sample blowout.
If you want modernity to integrate into your plain dress, you need a jewelry that can vamp up your style. The contemporary edge of each piece can convert any outfit into a dashing number. Rachel Leigh Jewelry can make any outfit to stand out.

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