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Top 10 Stunning Powder Room Decorating Ideas for 2018

Although Powder room is the smallest part of the home, it is a critical part. Also called half bathroom, it contains only sink and toilet, no shower or tub; it is called the guest bathroom as well. Powder rooms took their name in a past era from the powder that flew from the servants when powdering their master’s wigs. In the Victorian age, powder rooms were restrooms for women, and nowadays people call it half bathroom or guest bathroom.

The powder room is a luxury in some homes. It is usually located on the first floor or at the beginning of the house beside the reception room and it is only for the guests and visitors to allow them to use it whenever they want without being embarrassed or feeling they are intruding in the home. A powder room is one of the most challenging places to decorate; you need to make a proper use of every centimeter. Now, here are 10 elegant ideas for decorating powder rooms.

10 Black and white powder room

The mixture of black and white gives the powder room a unique and elegant touch. In this attractive design, Black and white striped walls are framing gilt mirror hanged over bold black vanity topped with contrasting white top; and beneath is a vintage hex tile floor.

9 Wallpapered powder room

Using the green leaves wallpaper adds a refreshing touch to the powder room. It makes you forget the small space and give a feeling of refinement and freedom. Adding simple white sink and black cabinet with square mirror and wall sconce which makes a proper choice of lighting; they don’t occupy much space, and give clear vision and lightning.

8 Blue walls

Using a color like navy blue for walls makes the powder room shines, and the combination of gold with the navy is perfect. The choice of the chandelier is another stunning choice; it adds a lot for the decoration. The white sink and touch of marble create a good contrasting. Using a golden frame for the mirror and black ones with the hanged pictures play a magical role.

7 Floral powder room

Using the floral wallpaper with a touch of metal, the golden frame of the mirror and wall sconce, form a good contrast. The golden/white sink is a quite sophisticated choice that gives a classical touch. The wooden floor help creating a great mix of the modern and classic decor styles.

6 Patterns

Using pattern designs as a decoration for the walls or the floor is a good choice for the small spaces. The location of the sink beside the toilet is a good idea as it saves space. The white sink, tiles, mirror, curtains, wall sconce and door give you more space and comfortable feeling.

5 Animals texture

Wild animal textures like tiger’s wall design is an awesome choice for decoration in general. We used to see it in cushions or carpets, but in walls it is a new thing especially in powder rooms. Choosing it will definitely distinguish your half bathroom decoration. Mixing it with white and brown marble gives a luxurious look. It’s an excellent option if you want a unique powder room.

4 Moroccan powder room designs

For sure we always hear about the Moroccan baths and spas, but when we talk about the Moroccan traditional designs and decorations, the least we can say is that they are very inspiring and colorful. If we mention the Moroccan designs, we will go back to oriental design, colors and wood crafts. The Moroccan effect given by the patterned wall, small round table, lamps, wooden door, pure white toilet, pedestal sink and the tiles color and design, is very inspiring.

3 Modern silver powder room

Using of mirrored subway tiles, accent wall, wooden cabinet is a beautiful mix. It is a unique idea for a separate powder room. The combination of marble and black ceramic in the floor is also perfect idea and use of colors.

2 Stone walls in powder room

Decorating your half bathroom with a stone tiled wall is a good idea. Also, the designs of the sink and toilet are perfect. The wall sconce and mirrors are making an excellent contrast with the tile colors in walls and floors.

1 Multi colors and paintings

Transforming the powder room walls to a great gallery of pictures and paintings is an excellent modern idea that gives the place joyful and youthful spirit. It will make you feel right and amused. Also, the wooden look floors, white sink and wooden cabinet form a good combination. The choice of the wall sconces and mirror is new and suitable for the overall look; adding plants above the sink is a refreshing touch that will make visitors feel home and in a comfortable place not just a small room.

However the powder room is one of the most challenging small places to decorate, it is essential to care about it and add more joy to that location. Let the creative side of you appear and make a good use of every part of the place; with some creative choices of colors and decoration, you can rock it!