Stunning and Unique Clay Art Project Ideas

Art seems to be infinite world in which you discover new things that are really attractive and fascinating. One of the art types that is popular in our current days is clay art. It is known that clay has been used long time ago in various works such as pots, cups, dishes, sculpture,tiles and vases. We all see such clay works in many places and it is thought to be a very attractive and popular type of craft in which many artists show their fascinating projects to stun us. But what is new in this field is that clay has begun to be used in a more contemporary and fantastic way that copes with the modern development in all fields and that meets the new requirements of customers. What is considered to be really perfect about this kind of art is that you can do it on your own and you can make amazing works that can be presented as gifts for your friends and relatives or kept in your home for decoration. There are many types for clay such as the following.
Water based clay which is totally based on water to be moisturized. It dries quickly, so you will not have to wait for a long before putting it in fire.This type of clay will force you to work quickly and to moisturize it from time to time. water based clay can be easily formed to perform different works such as pottery and sculpture.
Oil based clay which contains oil that makes it moist for a long time. It wil help you to work as long as you want without caring about keeping the clay moist. It can be easily formed to make different shapes but the worst thing about it is that it can not be put in fire which means that you will not be able to get solid sculpture made out of this type of clay.Air dry clay that does not take a long time to be dry, it only takes from one to two days to become completely dry and does not need to be put in fire to become solid. It can be found in different colors. The worst thing about it is that it can be affected and destroyed by water. This problem can be solved by covering clay works with materials that resist water.Polymer clay which is the most common and used type of all other types of clay. Although it does not contain clay in its basic substances, it is called clay.It has taken that name because it has the same characteristics of clay which are the flexibility, the ability to be easily and smoothly formed into different shapes and the possibility to be put in fire. It has many different colors which make it suitable for being used in making different works such as jewelries and sculpture.

Clay art works are not limited to vases, pots, tiles, dishes and cups, but they can also include more creative works such as wind chimes,masks, jewelries, fascinating sculpture and ornaments for multiple uses.

Wind chimes which can be presented as a gift for a close friend or for your child. They can be made in different and attractive shapes.

Clay Art Project Idea
Forest Leaves
Clay Art Project Idea
Clay Art Project Idea

Masks that can be used for multiple parties such as birthday parties.

Clay Art Project Idea
metal shaped masks
Clay Art Project Idea 17

Ornaments that can be used for decorating your home. They can be put on tables or refrigerators by using magnets.

cake toppers
Clay Art Project Idea

Jewelries which can be made in different shapes that suit your own taste and requirements.

Clay Art Project Idea
Lindly necklace
Clay Art Project Idea


Sculptures which are considered to be the most fascinating and stunning type of works. They are made in various and amazing shapes that attract any one. They differ in their sizes to suit the place in which they will be put. Some of the sculptures differ in their shapes according to the way in which they are placed on different surfaces.

Whats Up from above
My Physician from above
Whats Up
My Physician
Well Ill Be
Well Ill Be from above
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mad as a hatter

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