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Stunning And Contemporary Victorian Decorating Ideas

The Victorian decor ideas that are applied nowadays return back to the Victorian age that is named after Queen Victoria who was the ruler at that time. Victorian decorating ideas are considered to be aristocratic styles, as when they first appeared they were limited to the homes of wealthy and aristocratic people who belong to the upper class. After that, they began to spread at the homes of ordinary people who belong to different classes as a sign of aristocratic and wealthy life that they began to live. In the Victorian age, they cared about decorating everything in the house beginning with the outdoor design and ending with the interior design. The Victorian style has its features that make it remarkable. You may think that using Victorian style at your home will make it look boring or will ruin the modern shape of your home, but after seeing the following images you will certainly change your mind.

The Victorian style is mainly based on embellishment not only by adding decorative pieces, but also by decorating the pieces themselves such as the furniture of your home, the accessories that you use for decoration and even the ceiling. You can decorate the edges of the ceiling by using what is called crown molding which is widely used nowadays and we may do not know that it belongs to the Victorian age. Using chandeliers is a must in most of the rooms in your Victorian home, you can find them in the living room, bedrooms and kitchen and you can also use table lamps. Silver accessories such as silver candle holders, statues and porcelain accessories can be used for decorating your home. The fireplace is also one of the features that marks the Victorian style and it is found in most of the Victorian rooms. You can also use curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor.

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Using flowers and other plants for decorating your home will add a natural touch of beauty to the place in which they are placed. Patterned wallpapers and fabrics are another way for applying Victorian style. Using large mirrors which have their frames plated with gold and you can place them above the fireplace or on the dresser. Plain surfaces and furniture can be converted to Victorian style by carving them. You can use photos and paintings that go back to the Victorian age and hang them in hallways, stairways, living room or above the fireplace and you can use your photos and paintings after adding gold plated frames to them. For floors, you can use hardwood floors such as dark cherry wood floors.

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There are many colors that can remind you with the Victorian era such as deep forest green, dark purple, burgundy, light pink, pastel purple, white, cream, bright blue, yellow, turquoise, emerald and ruby. You can use wall sconces or candles to create a romantic atmosphere in the room through their dim light. Lanterns can also be used for outdoor illumination. The Victorian furniture is known as being large, heavy and formal not like the pieces of furniture that we have in our homes nowadays. Marble can be used on the top of dressers, side tables and fire places as it was commonly used in the Victorian age.

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Now by following these Victorian decorating ideas, it will be easy for you to make your home aristocratic and stylish at the same time without making your home look as an old-fashioned place. If you want to make the style of your home Victorian, then it is not necessary for you to follow all the Victorian ideas, but you can simply apply some of them to give your home a Victorian and aristocratic touch.

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