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Street art at home? You can count us in!

Until recently, colorful paintings in the streets were considered vandalism and no-one thought that they would soon become an extraordinary art form. Street art has entered the world art scene and gained recognition of even the most discerning critics. The works of Banksy, a brave and rebellious artist who is not afraid to take up critical social issues, were indeed game-changing in this process. A few weeks ago information about a surprising auction of one of his stencils, because the actual work of art partially self-destructed during the auction, was all over the Internet. This event will undoubtedly cause not only his work but also street to attract even more interest.

Why are we talking about this? Because colorful paintings are a perfect decorative motif to use it in the arrangement of a modern home. If you have a spacious loft apartment with high ceilings, this proposal will be ideal. However, a graffiti wall mural will also work well in a standard interior. All you need to do is arrange it in a contemporary, original style that will correspond with the unusual decoration. The slightly rebellious street art will also appeal to many teenagers. So, if you are looking for innovative ideas to decorate a young person’s room, why not consider designs inspired by one of the popular artists. Shepard Fairey, Argiris Ser, or maybe Thrashbird? The possibilities are endless. You do not have to opt for compositions that depict something in particular. See what street art inspired murals can feature and check how it would look in your home!

Abstract art in large format

You either love or hate abstract art. You can be enchanted by surprising compositions that, despite not depicting anything in particular, delight with their colors and dynamism or you can be irritated by an artist who instead of painting a picturesque landscape or still life, creates something wholly detached from reality. Our first proposal for ways to decorate your home is just that – an abstract mural.

It will undoubtedly appeal to those who love bold solutions, but we also hope to convert a few skeptics to this style. Street art can be associated with comic characters or colorful inscriptions. Often, however, on buildings in cities, you may see compositions that do not portray anyone or anything in particular. Geometric figures, symmetrical patterns or blurred splats of paint in all the colors of the rainbow add variety to gray city spaces, giving them their character. These designs will look great in an industrial interior arrangement, which in itself is very expressive. So instead of introducing a mural with a cartoon portrait or a comic-style image of a city that will become a very strong dominant, why not opt for a solution that is equally colorful but less literal. This will enable you to avoid chaos in your interior design. If your wall decoration has a dominant color, an interesting effect can be achieved by trying to find a rug, sofa or armchair with the same color scheme so that the wall design subtly permeates the room.

street-art Street art at home? You can count us in!

home-decor-Street-art-675x675 Street art at home? You can count us in!

home-deor-Street-art-675x506 Street art at home? You can count us in!

See more street art inspirations at https://myloview.com/murals/by-category/style/graffiti/

Street-style typography in the living room

If you are looking for a decoration that will not only decorate your room but will also become its focal point that immediately draws the eye, a graffiti mural wallpaper with a sharp inscription will be a perfect choice. These can be separate, unrelated words, sentences or quotations. They can be in inflate, printed or gothic font. They can also resemble handwriting with a soft, intricate form.

For several seasons now, typographic ornaments – paintings and posters – have been trendy. Our proposal is an exciting alternative to this popular trend. What style of arrangement may call for such a mural? A modern, minimalist living room is a perfect starting point. A sparingly arranged space may appear empty and cold. You may look at it and feel that something is missing. Adding trinkets on shelves or hanging pictures on the wall may help, but there is a risk that too many accessories could derange your styling. On the other hand, a single expressive dominant would work perfectly. This type of mural is also an idea for a teenager’s bedroom.

In this case, however, it may be worth looking for inspiration in comic books and their unique lettering. Choose a design featuring characteristic sound effect onomatopoeia typical for picture stories or words in speech bubbles. If you decide to decorate your room in this way, you can also add a matching poster with a cartoon motif, which will help you create a consistent style.

The industrial face of a city

Nowadays, murals and street art appear on large buildings and decorates tenement houses in the very center of cities – it can even be seen in schools or universities. This is because more and more institutions commission original paintings from a particular artist. However, the beginnings of this art style were utterly different. Spray-painted designs used to be created mainly on walls of derelict factories and uninhabited buildings, so typically in less busy places. If you are a fan of quite austere interiors, you will certainly like a graffiti wall mural featuring a part of a city – a bridge, an underground crossing or a wall surrounding factory buildings – where the colorful painting is the central element, but not the only one.

Why is this proposal worth considering? Not only because it is a spectacular decoration. The image of a city and its architecture will add the impression of extra depth to the room. Thanks to this, even a relatively small room will optically gain a few additional square meters. It is an excellent way to enjoy a new feel of an interior without having to redecorate, knock down or move partition walls. The mural will take you all of one afternoon to install, and if you hire an experienced specialist, the makeover will be done literally in the blink of an eye.

A mural different from all the others

There are thousands of designs available in online shops. However, if you want a really unique interior arrangement, you can make your own mural. If a stunning graffiti or mural has just been created in your city by an artist whose work you like a lot, what you can do is take a good-quality photo of the work of art and send it to a shop that provides custom murals. That way you can get the design you have wanted. An additional advantage of this solution is the fact that no one else will have the same design, so you can be sure that your interior styling is truly unique!

So, the time has come to open a new tab in your browser and find a suitable design or go for a walk in your city to look for an original work of street art by a local artist. Who knows, they may become as famous as Banksy, and you will be able to enjoy a world-renowned painting in your home.

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