Can You Really Stop To Wash Your Hair?

In theory yes, in practice it is more complicated. So before completely zap shampoos, we first space out, to get to hold, ideally, the pace of a shampoo every 15 days. The transition is so smooth to pass after a few weeks, The hard-line whose stated goal is clear: detoxify hair and scalp of all active and harmful ingredients contained in our products every day. A study by consumer association published in February 2018, shows also that 185 common cosmetics (including shampoo) contain endocrine disruptors and toxic and allergenic substances. Not good for the beauty of our hair and more importantly, for health.

a technique resulting from slow cosmetic, helps to break the addiction of our hair with shampoo and other hair products that excite the sebaceous glands in our scalp, which it necessarily wanting more. The proof: more washed her hair often, the more they tend to re-grease quickly.

greasy hair and dirty, smelly, difficult to style hair … why is difficult to tame are many. Fortunately, there are some good alternatives to zero shampoo:
– You can choose to replace the shampoo with a conditioner sulfate-free and silicone. Softer and less aggressive to the scalp.
– The most courageous can make itself their washing paste of sodium bicarbonate and water. We then worked on the head and you end rinse with cider vinegar.
– Another tip: you can alternate every two weeks, shampoo baking soda and solid shampoo with natural formulation (find bio shop).
– Finally, one can also opt for the optional rinsing with clear water.

 sebum cure: what differences?
As its name suggests, a sebum cure is not practiced in the long term. His motto: defeat the fat by fat. It prohibits any shampoo for a good month to regulate sebaceous secretions (sebum) and thus hope for a less greasy hair, healthier, more beautiful and stronger. In particular, it works wonders on hair quickly. It attaches his hair day and evening, we take care of brushing for several minutes all of her hair in every direction: from top to bottom, bottom to top, sides … The goal: to distribute the sebum to curb the stickiness. And if it is difficult to keep up, it can be deposited in fog, after brushing, a little flower water geranium or lavender, to cover up odors.

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