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Stop Here ! Know How To Select The Best Golden And Silver Jewelry For Different Occasions ?

Every time I buy my clothes for every day life I wonder whether they are suitable for me or not and whether golden or silver colors suit me. For this season I dropped these two colors off my list and I selected many different items reflecting hope and joyful life and I bought dresses reflecting sun rays and accessories reflecting moonlight . 

From international  fashion houses

You can choose golden handbag designs from Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Kenzo. These brands have degrees of solar colors. Other fashion houses designed vivid golden shoes like MiuMiu. They have also designed sports footwear decorated with golden glitter .

More than one style

Golden and silver touches are suitable for clothes of this season on short jackets and wide shirts or mixed with other colors like pink as you can find in Prada’s fashions houses. You can also find dresses made of silver fish scales  in the fashion houses of Gucci. You can find the pink and black ones at Nina Ricci’s fashion house .

This attitude is also found in makeup lines. There are lots of eye shadows and in manicures reflecting golden and silver colors at the famous and most well known fashion houses of Paris. Silver and golden colors are no longer defined to evenings or big occasions, they are also appropriate for day time

Gold and silver in Paris

Accessories found in Paris encourages women to use accessories reflecting the shine of silver and gold

A set of silver accessories adding a special touch to your dress

Today gold and silver are available for every woman at least through simple elegant touches reflecting her beautiful look