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Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List

Stuffing stockings is a refined art that must be approached with finesse and expertise. You can’t get just anything to throw in there because it might not fit, it might not be on theme, or it may not be perfect for the recipient. Striking out on this task is a huge possibility. No need to worry though, we’ve got you covered! Use this guide as a playbook for stuffing the stocking of that sports star in your life!

Favorite Team Socks

The star you know might not be on the professional court yet, but these NBA socks from Stance can be the perfect way to motivate them to make it to the big leagues! Stance offers a wide variety of sock heights, designs, and teams to satisfy even the pickiest of sports fanatics. Ankle, crew, and quarter socks, OH MY! These socks are wearable on the court, at the gym, or while resting and recovering at home.

NBA Stance Socks Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 2

S’well Water Bottle

S’well water bottles are not only super cute to take to the gym and to games, but they are also environmentally friendly. The company is founded on the mission of eliminating plastic water bottles and the waste that they produce. By purchasing one of these metal bottles you are helping to save the planet and you look good doing it! It’s a win-win! Another awesome factor of these bottles is their ability to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. So when they are packed with ice before practice, that ice will still be there on the water break. They also partner with different charities and designers from all over the globe.  This one is just a no-brainer.

S’well Water Bottle Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 3


Sweat is a thing no matter who you are. Even if you are the type of person that “sparkles” and doesn’t sweat, you still need something to pat and catch that sparkle with. Sweatbands are a simple, yet appealing gift for any sports player and they are small enough to fit into the majority of stocking sizes. They come in a variety of colors, which means you can pick their favorite color or their current team’s colors! This pack comes with one headband and two wristbands allowing for maximum sweat absorbing coverage.

Suddora Sweatband Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 4

Air Horn

If the person getting these gifts plays sports, then it is pretty likely that they also attend other sporting events. And what better way to cheer others on then by using a super loud, not annoying at all, air horn?! It is a surefire way to be heard at the loudest of sporting events and is definitely a conversation starter for those around you. If you aren’t feeling the air horn vibes we also recommend clappers, vuvuzelas, or a good old fashioned cow bell.

Air Horn Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 5

Sports Gum

An appetizing option for the stocking is some Big League Chew gum! And let’s just say, pretending to use chewing tobacco has never been so fun. Not only does this gum come in multiple delicious flavors (original, grape, sour apple, and watermelon) and made in the good ole’ US of A, but it is also customizable! Yes, you read that right. You can put your sports star’s picture on the packaging of the gum! This makes it a one of a kind gift that is guaranteed to be a home run.

Sports Gum Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 6

Muscle Roller

No matter what level of star you are, playing sports means hard work! It can take a toll on your mind, but also your body. A muscle roller is a perfect gift to help relax those sore limbs of theirs. It will help to accelerate muscle recovery, eliminate cramps, aches, and knots, and the convenient size makes it easy for storing in their duffle bag or gym locker. Its design allows for the user to self-massage their legs, back, and neck, providing instant relief for their tight muscles!

Muscle Roller Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 7

Sports Tickets

Those that play the game also love the game. Why not get them tickets to see their favorite team? Even if you can’t afford 1st row 50 yard line seats, you will be creating memories to last a lifetime. You can even include homemade coupons for treats at the game. The only thing that can compete with spending quality time with a loved one? FREE FOOD. Pretzels, beer, nachos, popcorn, and the two of you, sounds like a touchdown to me! Check out StubHub for some great last-minute seats at awesome prices this holiday season.

Sports Tickets Stocking Stuffers for the Sports Star on your Christmas List - 8

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