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About Standing Cloud Company:

Standing Cloud is one of the leading providers of cloud application management services. This company was established in 2009 and they are located in Boulder, Colorado. With investors like Avalon Ventures and Foundry Group, they operates as the only Paas service platform that allows users to manage, customize, deploy and develop applications with their chosen languages and clouds.

With a seamless application layer, this cloud provider makes application management and deployment hassle free, fast and simple. They support Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and Java as well as about 100 commercial and open source applications that every user can spin with a few clicks even without technical experience. By creating one account, a customer will be allowed to test drive many applications for free. The monthly fee starts at $14.95 and includes the cost for hosting, bandwidths and an easy-to-use console for web based management.


Standing Cloud Services and Features:

Standing Cloud provides customers with services and software that will facilitate application management and deployment with the help of cloud server providers’ on-demand. They offer a platform-as-a-service and this allow users to develop, deploy, customize and manage web applications such as ERP, CMS, CRM and various other packages. Customers can also take advantage of application monitoring, installation and back-up services.

This company is targeting business owners who are looking to seamlessly manage and deploy SaaS automatically; IT professionals who want time-saving tools to deploy applications and create team environments within their company and developers who are looking to create their own open source applications from scratch or customize existing ones.


Additional Features:

  • Ready-built Application Store
  • Instant support and access to programming languages and applications
  • Automated Application Support & Management (monitoring, upgrades, scaling, auto-restore, back-ups and more)
  • Repo sync
  • Server resizing
  • Automatic restore
  • Backups and redundancy
  • WordPress, OpenVBX, Drupal applications
  • Java, PHP, Rails and Python Support
  • Quick and hassle-free installations
  • Cross-cloud portability
  • Low monthly rate – shared server applications
  • Multiple installs – easy set-up and management


Advantages of Standing Cloud:

Standing Cloud is offering many benefits such as allowing users to have full access to all capabilities. Here are some of the other advantages:

  • The ability to run applications on more hassle free and reliable services.
  • In cases of disruption like outages, applications are moved easily to a new server or entirely to another host.
  • Full access to refresh backup data continuously.
  • The ability to test and preview upgrades and other application changes.
  • Instant and unlimited scalability
  • Cost certainty and flexibility, as competitive pricing is offered without being locked to a long term contract or one cloud provider.


Guarantees of Standing Cloud:

This company is promising customers zero downtime.


Reliability Review of Standing Cloud:

In cases of bandwidth throttling, unexpected or expected downtime or any performance problems, applications can be changed to a different cloud immediately and automatically. They backup and monitor applications continuously to ensure a new level of web hosting reliability.


What I Didn’t Like In Standing Cloud:

The services cost more than the standard hosting providers.


Standing Cloud Support:

Support is provided to customers via email, live chat, FAQs, support center and phone.


Final Conclusion:

Overall, Standing Cloud is offering business owners, developers and IT professionals’ fast, cost effective and reliable solutions to build, manage and deploy applications seamlessly without the regular technical problems.

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  1. Very nice how this hosting company promises no downtime at all. I have hosted one of my sites for 13 months with Standing Cloud and have not experienced any downtime yet.

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