How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password

In an era of technological progress and innovation, more and more spy apps are appearing on the market, allowing users to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. Many will think that such applications are aimed at ridding people of privacy and personal space. But not everything is so clear.

There are many reasons why you might want to spy on someone’s iPhone. Most people use spy apps for a good reason. For example, using the iPhone spy app can protect your child from Internet scammers or predators. Agree that if a spy app helps reduce the number of cases of Internet fraud, it will have a good effect on the state of society. Let’s take a closer look at why you may need to spy on an iOS device.

Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password
Using the iPhone spy app can protect your child from Internet scammers or predators.

1 Why Do You Need to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

Spy apps help people not only find out some truth but also protect their children and loved ones. Also, spy software can help protect your business from unscrupulous employees. So, let’s learn more about the benefits and purposes of using spy apps:

Parental Control

If you notice that your child spends a lot of time on the phone and their behavior has not changed for the better, this is a reason to think. Perhaps your child is corresponding with scammers who are trying to get your family’s secret information. Perhaps your child sends photos of an intimate nature to maniacs. Perhaps your child is playing online gambling. There are a lot of alarming things your child can do using their phone.

iPhone spy app can help you find out what your child is really doing with their phone. Spy apps have become so advanced that you can spy on iOS devices without credentials. Later we will provide you with examples of such spy apps.

Using spy apps for parental control is a good thing. Hundreds of parents can protect their children from the bad consequences of using phones. Thanks to iPhone spying, you will always be aware of what is happening with your children, with whom they communicate, what photos they take, what applications they use, etc.

Employee Monitoring

If you notice that employees in your company fail to fulfill their duties, become lazy, miss deadlines, and do their work poorly, then you definitely need to think about using spy apps.

Thanks to iPhone spy apps, you can find out the real reason why, for example, employees have changed their attitude towards you or your company. Also, the iPhone spying process will help you prevent layoffs or sending secret company data to scammers and third parties.

In order to save a business, sometimes you have to go to such measures. However, we are confident that no one wants to work with unreliable and dishonest employees. Therefore, feel free to use spy apps to change the situation and the atmosphere in your company.

Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID
The iPhone spying process will help you prevent layoffs or sending secret company data to scammers and third parties.

2 Is It Possible to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

Despite the fact that Apple takes device security extremely seriously and fixes any flaws as quickly as possible, we aim to get to the bottom of a few things and provide a genuinely effective method for spying on iPhone without iCloud password. So continue reading.

It may surprise you, but it is easy to monitor a target iOS device without iCloud credentials. There are certain spy apps that will 100% help you do this. These applications offer a large number of features in order to keep track of what is happening on the phone of the person you want to check. Most of the features offered are free. Therefore, you can try the application, look at the results and decide for yourself on a further purchase. Let’s look at some of the spy apps in more detail.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password (100% Work)

We have prepared for you reviews of three spy apps with top-notch features.

1. uMobix

uMobix is ​​a spy software also known as a top-notch solution for modern parents.

Thanks to this application, you can be aware of everything that happens on your child’s phone or tablet in real-time. The process of installing software is rather quick and easy.

uMobix 1 How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password - 1

uMobix offers the following features for monitoring iPhones:

  • Calls. You can view all incoming and outgoing calls. All detailed information is also available: call time, duration, and contact details.
  • Text messages. You can track sent, incoming, or deleted messages.
  • Messengers and social media. With uMobix, you can read messages received on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • GPS location tracking. You can always be aware of your child’s movements: the exact location and history of
  • visited places will be available in your account. It is called a family locator.
  • Photo and video. You can access all files stored on the target phone. If necessary, you can save them to your device.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is considered to be the best cell phone tracker without permission for iPhone cell phones. The invisibility feature of the Hoverwatch cell phone tracker allows it to stay completely hidden from the user, even if your children are familiar with how their devices work.

Hoverwatch How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password - 2

Here are some great iPhone features that Hoverwatch has to offer:

  • Calls and text messages. Hoverwatch allows you to record every single outgoing and incoming call. With the help of an SMS tracker app, you can view all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user.
  • Messengers and social media. Hoverwatch records data from WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Gmail, WeChat, etc. Access to screen time is also available.
  • GPS tracker. The GPS mobile tracker helps you determine and view the location of the target device from your account.
  • Invisibility. The parental control app gets the most accurate information while remaining undetectable by the user of the target phone.

Hoverwatch offers its users three different pricing plans: Personal, Professional, and Business. This application is regularly updated and improved. Moreover, the process of installing software is very easy. If you have any questions, you can visit the Hoverwatch learning center on their website.

3. Cocospy

Cocospy is modern spy software used for monitoring iOS and Android phones and tablets. Here are some cutting-edge iPhone spying features that Cocospy has to offer:

  • Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp tracking. Using Cocospy, you can read individual and group conversations. You can also view exchanged media files.
  • Browser history and location history. You can look at visited websites and check timestamps and visit frequency. You can also look at visited places (cafes, parks, cinemas, etc.).
  • Calls. Using Cocospy, you can check incoming and outgoing calls. You can also view call duration, timestamps, and phone numbers.
  • Photos and videos. You can view all photos and videos stored on the target device.

Cocospy How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password - 3

3 How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password for Free

If you want to use phone tracking apps for free, then we suggest you consider several methods:

Use Find My iPhone

If you, for example, want to monitor where your child is at the moment, you can use the free iPhone location search method. You need to connect your phone and your child’s phone to do this. When you don’t know where your child is, you can click on the Find My iPhone option, and the locator will locate your child and show you. This, of course, works if the children’s phone is with them.

Use Find My Friends

iOS devices before the iOS 13.1 update have built-in location features that make it easy for the Apple Find My Friends app to track and share your location with the people who matter to you. This is awesome for working parents who want to know when their kids are back from school or start to play sports. This is handy for partners who want to let each other know when they are driving home from work or arriving safely on a trip.

More about how to spy on an iPhone without touching it you can find out by following the link.

Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password for Free
When you don’t know where your child is, you can click on the Find My iPhone option, and the locator will locate your child and show you.


Do I need to jailbreak the device to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password?

No, this is absolutely optional. To date, there are a large variety of free and paid applications so that you can easily monitor an iOS device. You just need to select spy apps based on your needs and goals, make an app installation, sign a privacy policy and start using it.

Are these spy apps undetectable and invisible on the target device?

Yes, the applications that we described above allow you to spy on the target iPhone absolutely invisibly the owner of the phone. The owner of the target cell phone will not know that you are monitoring their phone activity. All your actions will be completely invisible.

Which is the best iPhone spy app I can use?

In this article, we have provided examples of the best iPhone spying apps. It all depends on what goals you pursue and what functionality you need. The three applications described in this article have a similar set of features. Therefore, take some time to study them and choose the one that suits you best.

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