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59 Spread Heads Caps That Will Amaze You!

Make your daily habits at your home seem funny and enjoyable by breaking the routine. Do something new that makes you feel refreshing. You can enjoy every thing you do with your family. Use spread head caps which are very easy to use, very cheap and won’t cost you much money.

These spread heads caps replace the existing toothpaste, ketchup, mustard and milk caps and make them more adorable and funny in use. They are available in the shape of animal heads like cat, tiger, dinosaur, dog and monkey.

Don’t feel laziness while brushing your teeth, make it more funny for you and your kids with spread head toothpaste cap. It encourages the children to regulate in brushing their teeth even they will wait the time for brushing their teeth with a lot of eagerness and ask you to do the same. They will also learn to put the cap back on the toothpaste tube after finishing brushing. It is very easy to use, all you need is putting the spread head cap instead of the existing one, squeezing the toothpaste tube, getting the toothpaste out through the cap mouth onto the brush and pushing its paws back again into place to close the tube.

And the same in milk bottle, there is one cap which is very famous in the shape of cow head. It has a Corn Cob stopper that keeps milk fresh in his bottle. Use the spread head with the same way which is in the toothpaste tube.

You can use these spread head caps also with ketchup which is found in the shape of Vampire head. This vampire head is so much bloody fun, the ketchup comes out of his fangs.

And use the cap with mustard too which is available in the shape of funny cartoon faces. This will add fun to your life.

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