Speak Spanish with a Perfect Accent Like a Native Spanish Speaker

No one can deny that learning new languages is interesting for some people who like to communicate with others from different countries around the world and is essential for those who live in other foreign countries and need to learn the official language of that country to be able to interact with other people around them instead of being isolated from the whole community. The best way for learning a new language such as Spanish, is to learn it from a native speaker as it helps you to listen to the right pronunciation without making mistakes. It reduces the time that is required for learning this new language whatever it is and reduces the amount of mistakes that you may make when you listen to or depend on other sources that offer to help you to learn a new language but are not presented by native speakers. To help you to learn Spanish, we present to you Rocket Spanish that offers different tools and features to allow you to master Spanish easily and quickly.

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What is Rocket Spanish?

Rocket Spanish is an online Spanish course that is presented to you by Mauricio Evlampieff whose first language is Spanish as he is from Chile which takes the Spanish language as its official and national language. One of the perfect features in that course is that it is presented by a native speaker to help you to receive reliable information and right pronunciation that cannot be suspected. “Rocket Spanish” helps you to learn Spanish as a new language quickly in half the time that is taken for learning through using other methods or following other courses that require spending longer time and exerting more effort. It does not only allow you to understand the Spanish language to know how to communicate with others, understand what they say and become capable of expressing your thoughts, but it also helps you to speak fluently and confidently with a perfect Spanish accent as if you are a native speaker.

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How does Rocket Spanish improve your Spanish pronunciation?

Rocket Spanish provides you with 32 repeatable audio lessons that take about 25 minutes as an average time to teach you speaking. It depends on “chunking” which is a scientific process that is based on dividing large everyday conversations into smaller parts or phrases to be learnt as a unit, to make it easy for you to track and understand what you listen without being distracted and this helps you to concentrate and easily remember what you acquire. The audio lessons can be easily downloaded to listen to them at anytime and at any place wherever it is. You can listen to the audio lesson through your laptop, smart phone or MB3 player. There is also the ability to record yourself while you are speaking through “Rocket Record” and this helps you to monitor your pronunciation, compare it to the native speaker’s pronunciation and observe the mistakes that you make to be able to correct them, improve your accent and achieve progress.

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How does it improve your understanding to Spanish?

It helps you to easily understand Spanish through 3 steps. It provides you with 33 language and culture lessons that are explained in detail to show you step-by-step what you should do and what should be avoided while you use the Spanish language, more audio tracks which present more vocabulary, Rocket Record that is beneficial for recording yourself, the ability to test yourself through offering “Hear it Say it” tool that helps you to rate yourself after listening to an audio track, recording yourself saying what you listened and comparing it to what the native speaker said to make sure that what you understood is true. Another tool is “Know it” which is used for training you to quickly respond to other Spanish speakers and easily communicate with them when they talk to you. It depends on choosing English words and phrases randomly for you to listen to them, asking you for recording yourself translating them into Spanish and you can after that compare your recorded translation to that of the native or Spanish speaker.

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How can you reduce the learning time?

In order to be able to reduce the time that is needed for learning Spanish to be half the time that is usually taken for learning it, you need to follow the recommendations that come with each lesson and track your progress through using your “Dashboard” that is personalized for you to show you the overall progress that you achieved and it also helps you to choose the next best lessons for you according to your learning style. You are not forced to follow your Dashboard because the lessons that are chosen for you are just suggestions and you can easily choose other lessons that satisfy you on your own. You will be also provided with tricks, tips and techniques for advanced learning that can help you to accelerate your learning and reduce the needed time.

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Making learning Spanish entertaining and not boring

The course is presented in a fun way to make learning Spanish interesting instead of being tiring and boring. It encourages you to continue learning instead of giving up quickly. Fun appears in this course through using real life and everyday conversations that are essential for being learnt to be used in communicating with others and through being based on interacting as you are asked to record your pronunciation which motivates you to speak and helps you to achieve progress quickly. You also get “Rocket Spanish Premium Master Games” which make learning Spanish words and phrases entertaining and not boring. You have the “Word-Master” game for learning letters and words and you also have “Phrase-Master” which helps you to form Spanish phrases. There are badges that are offered to encourage you when you achieve progress and move up a level.

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Saves your money, time and effort

It saves your time and money as there is no need to purchase extra sources to help you to master the Spanish language and you will not need to exert a huge effort, because everything is presented to you in detail to be easily followed. Rocket Spanish is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive Spanish course. It is prepared to be up-to-date and effective. It can be easily followed and does not require any prior knowledge of Spanish language.

Perfect customer support

Rocket Spanish Premium provides you with a perfect customer support through offering unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to the forum that includes Spanish teachers, native speakers and other learners like you. They can help you at anytime to answer all of your Spanish questions and solve all of your problems that may arise while learning Spanish, you can also make use of their experiences and communicate with them to improve your Spanish language. There is also a hotline that is allocated for members to help them to handle all the technical problems that they may face while learning Spanish and can work as obstacles to slow their learning.

How much does it cost?

There are two options for getting Rocket Spanish Premium. You have 20CD Pack that includes lifetime online access and is offered for $299.95 with free shipping to any place around the world wherever it is. The other option is Instant 24/7 lifetime online access which is offered for $99.95 and it is the most common and most required option. In addition to all the tools, lessons, upgrades and other features that are presented to you through Rocket Spanish Premium, you will also get other three additional bonuses for enriching your vocabulary and they are offered with the two options. The two options come with a 60-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund if you find during the first 60 days that the course is not beneficial for you and there is also the ability to try Rocket Spanish for 6 days for free.

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What do customers say?

“Rocket Spanish” is highly recommended by most of those who tried to learn Spanish through using it. They assure that it has helped them to lose their fears while they talk to other Spanish speakers, to speak fluently without making mistakes, they did not take a long time to improve their Spanish accent, it also allows them to track their pronunciation and correct their mistakes through the multiple tools that are offered and it has helped them to speak confidently with their native friends as if they are like them. So, if you are going to travel to Spain, living in it or in any other country that uses Spanish as an official language or you have a Spanish friend and want to communicate with him\her, then you will need to get “Rocket Spanish” and you can depend on it to learn Spanish easily and quickly in half the time that is usually taken for learning Spanish as a new language.

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