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Do you like to speak French? do you want to travel to France as a tourist or to communicate with your friends whose first language is French?. If it is yes, then you need to learn French that allows you to understand those who speak in French and to express your thoughts instead of staying silent without saying a word. There are many online courses that are presented to teach you French. Some of these courses are not presented by native speakers which is a big problem as you may listen to words which are pronounced in a wrong way and there are other courses which just provide you with the needed source of information without being interactive which makes them less effective and more boring. To learn French, we present to you one of the best online courses which is Rocket French.

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What can Rocket French do for you?

Rocket French is an online French course that is presented to you to learn French and improve your accent to be like a native speaker whose first language is French in half the time that is usually taken for learning it through following other courses. Rocket French helps you to understand and speak the French language to be able to communicate with French speakers as if you are like them. It uses fun in presenting the course to make learning French more effective, interactive and more enjoyable instead of being boring. The course can be easily followed without requiring a prior knowledge of the French language.

“Rocket French” is presented to you by Marie-Claire Rivière who is from Versailles that is located near Paris and this means that her first language is French which is considered to be a good chance for you to learn the French language from a native speaker instead of learning it from those whose first language is not French. Through this course you will be able to speak French confidently without the fear of making mistakes or being unable to decide what to say in French.

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How does Rocket French Premium improve your French accent?

Rocket French Premium helps you to improve French pronunciation, to speak confidently through using audio lessons, motivate you to say or repeat what you listen to. It presents to you 33 repeatable audio lessons that run for about 24 minutes and can assist you to practice speaking. The audio lessons are based on using “chunking” that is a scientific process which is proved to be effective for teaching speaking. Chunking means dividing the whole conversations into smaller parts or phrases to be easily learnt and understood, to be able to track what you listen to and to help you to focus and remember the information that you gain.

The audio lessons can be easily downloaded to allow you to listen to them at anytime and anyplace to which you go. You can listen to them through using your laptop, smartphone or MP3 player. You will be provided with “Rocket Record” that helps you to listen to many French words and phrases and record yourself. So it does not only help you to learn new words and phrases, but it also helps you to improve listening and speaking to the French language.


How does it improve your understanding to the French language?

Understanding the French language is improved through just 3 steps. You will get 53 language and culture lessons which show you how to use the French language, provide you with audio tracks for presenting more French vocabulary, detailed explanation for the lessons to be easily understood and there is also “Rocket Record” that is beneficial for recording yourself when you speak. There are different tools that are presented to you to help you to understand what you listen such as “Hear it Say it” that motivates you to speak and understand French through choosing an audio track randomly for you, asking you to listen to it, recording yourself after listening and compare what you recorded to what is said by the native speaker.

Another tool that is more beneficial and makes learning more interactive is “know it”. It helps you to quickly respond to anyone speaking French instead of listening without saying a word. Through this tool, you will get English words and phrases that are chosen for you randomly to listen to them, you are asked to record your translation to these words and phrases and you can after that rate yourself through comparing what you recorded to what is said by the French speaker.


How can you learn French quickly?

Rocket French helps you to reduce your French learning time through providing you with several recommendations that come with every lesson and the ability to track your progress through using your “Dashboard” that is personalized for you to record your results and the progress that you achieve and shows you your overall rating. You can make use of your Dashboard to choose the next lessons that are thought as the best for you according to your learning style. You can depend on yourself and choose your next lessons on your own according to your needs instead of depending on your dashboard as they are just suggestions and you are not obliged to choose them. There are also tips, tricks and techniques that are presented for advanced learning and for accelerating your learning to the French language instead of spending a long time.


Making learning French interesting

Learning new languages is always boring for many people, they feel that they are forced to learn and that is why they give up quickly. To make learning French more interesting, Rocket French provides you with everyday and real life conversations to learn new words and improve your listening, speaking and understanding to French. The everyday conversations are essential for being learnt and required to be able to communicate with French-speaking people.

Using games is another method for making learning French interesting as they help you to acquire information without feeling that you do that. You can enjoy spending your time and learn at the same time through playing games such as Word-Master for learning letters and words and you also have Phrase-Master game that helps you to learn how to form phrases using different words. There are badges that are offered when you move up a level and this encourages you to increase your effort and boost your levels in the course.


How to solve your problems

Because learning a new language is not an easy task and you may face many problems when you learn French, Rocket French provides you with unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to the forum that includes French teachers, native speakers and other French learners like you. Having access to this forum is a great chance for you as it helps you to get all of your questions answered, to have all of your problems solved at any time and you can make use of other’s experiences to help you to achieve progress while learning French. There is also a hotline that is allocated for members to resolve all the technical problems that they may face during learning French.

Save your money, effort and time

Rocket French saves your money as you do not have to purchase additional courses to learn French, saves your time as it helps you to learn French quickly and reduce the time of learning and it also helps you to reduce the effort that you exert for learning this new language because all the information and instructions are explained in detail to be easily followed. It is considered to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date course for learning French as it does not only focus on understanding French, but it also helps you to improve your accent and speak fluently like a native speaker.

How much does Rocket French Premium cost?

There are two options for getting Rocket French Premium. The first option is 20CD Pack that also includes lifetime online access and it costs $299.95 with free shipping to any place around the world wherever it is. The other option which is more common and more demanded than the first one is the Instant 24/7 lifetime online access which is offered at a lower cost that is just $99.95. The two options are presented to you with other three bonuses for improving your French language and there is also a 60-day money-back guarantee which allows you to get all of your money back during the first 60 days of trying the course in case you find that it is not beneficial and does not work for you. You can also try Rocket French Premium for 6 days for free.

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What do learners say about Rocket French Premium?

Rocket French Premium is highly recommended by most of the learners who decided to learn French through using it. They confirm that it can be easily followed, it is really interesting and not boring like the other courses, the audio lessons are derived from everyday and real life conversations which make them more effective and beneficial than other conversations, the games make learning enjoyable and the audio lessons are interactive and motivate them to speak and say what they listen to. So, if you like the French language and hope to learn it, have French friends and want to communicate with them or want to travel to France, then you can depend on Rocket French Premium for learning French and improving your accent easily and quickly.



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