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Space Tourism Starts Soon at Affordable Prices through Balloon Trips

We always travel to other places to refresh ourselves and to escape from what we live in whether it is our home, problems and our routine life. We seek for discovering new places and all of this is on earth, but did you think or dreamed before of traveling outside our planet to leave everything on it and to travel to space?. It was thought before that it is impossible to travel to space and that space traveling is limited to scientists and astronauts, but do you believe that it can be done now?. You may think that it will cost you millions of dollars to travel over there. It is true, but now it is offered to be more affordable and it will lead to creating a new type of tourism which is space tourism.

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♦ How can you travel to space?

World View Enterprises is a space travel company that is located in Arizona and is responsible for planning the first trip to space or near space to be more precise. The company claims that travelling to the space will be with a balloon and the travelers will be taken to the edge of the space while they are riding in a space capsule that accommodates eight passengers only. The space capsule is lifted by a high balloon to fly to about 100.000 feet or about 30 kilometers above the ground and this height is three times more than what can be reached by a commercial airplane. The space capsule keeps flying for 2 hours and it descends after that to return back to earth through using a parachute.


♦ When can you travel to the edge of space? 

The company plans for releasing its first trip in 2016 which means that we are not going to wait for a long time to see the first trip to the edge of the space and to witness the beginning of space tourism. Such a trip is going to change your view of the world as it takes you from earth to the outer space where you can enjoy watching new breathtaking views, the blackness of the space around you and the shiny stars.


♦ How much will it cost you to go over there? 

It will cost you $75.000 for getting one ticket and this price is more affordable if it is compared to the price that was offered before by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic which is $250.000. There is still enough time for you to prepare yourself and start saving money to enjoy seeing the outer space for the first time in your life with your own eyes. 

So, how do you think of this trip? Is it going to be really entertaining? and Is the price that is offered to go there really affordable? 


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