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I know many people would like to go on a trip to Southall  this is why  In this article i am going to provide you with all you want to know about Southall. At first you should know that Southall is a large suburban district of west London, tourists usually call it little India . It is a big destination of tourists and it includes large number of tourist attractions and landmarks for example:

the Southern community center  in Merrick road and the Himalaya Palace which historical value is back to 1912 .

The most famous hotels there are

1- The Broadway Guest House , it is the heart of Southall and there are many shopping centers nearby the hotel.

2- Mehfil-Heathrow , it is about 4 miles from London Heathrow Airport and there are many regular buses available there .

There are many other  luxurious hotels there which offer many facilities and services to tourists. Such as Thistle Marble Arch and the Hilton london Metropole.

Tourists enjoy the Asian foods, spices, clothes, restaurants at Southall Broadway , it is also very famous for the Bollywood film production.

When you travel there don’t forget to take some memorial photos of the great buildings of the church and the mosque near Southall Broadway.


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