What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

While most car accident cases are resolved through the insurance claim process, and no lawsuit needs to be filed, drivers do often pursue their right to sue another driver.

Common Reasons for Lawsuits

In most states, drivers are required to carry auto insurance, and almost all states have minimum car insurance requirements. The car insurance coverage that your friend or family members living in another state have may not cover what you need. People are covered under bodily injury liability coverage, whereas property damage, such as your car, is a different type of coverage. The amount of property liability coverage you should have must be high enough to protect your assets in the event of an accident, which is generally between $100,000 and $300,000. If you have a very cheap car insurance plan, then it may not be enough.

In fact, your state insurance requirements may not be enough. Depending on how much personal risk you want to take, you may opt to get a less expensive insurance plan. But if your plan does not cover enough damages to other people or property when you have caused an accident, then you risk being sued for the additional costs. Even worse, your future earnings could be garnished to pay for the damages if your insurance cannot cover the damages.

1 No Insurance

Another common reason for being sued for a car accident is due to not having any insurance. If the other driver is injured and wants their medical expenses and lost wages to be covered, but you do not have the auto insurance policy to cover those damages, then they can sue you directly. At that point, it will be vital to contact car accident lawyers St. Louis.

auto-accident-police What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

2 Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that drinking while driving is illegal and dangerous. But it’s not just alcohol that drivers need to abstain from. Prescription drugs or even over-the-counter medications can cause drowsiness, lack of focus or come with warning labels telling users not to take them while operating machinery or driving. If you are taking a medication that you know will affect your driving or motor skills, then you need to discuss with your physician if there are safer alternatives. You do not want to be in a situation where you are liable for a personal injury or property damage when you can switch to a different brand of medication.

Drunk-Driving-675x506 What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

3 Reckless Driving

Similar to drunk driving is reckless driving. All drivers are expected to follow all traffic safety laws when getting behind the wheel, but when a person drives with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other persons or property, then they can become liable for any damages or injuries that they cause.

Reckless-Driving-675x450 What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

Tips When Being Sued For An Accident

Here are some important things that will help you if you understand them before going into a personal injury lawsuit according to the Orange County personal injury attorneys at the Crockett Law Group.

1 You Will Be Sued, Not the Insurance Company

When the victim of a car accident files a claim against the insurance company, then they are probably filing for damages related to the accident such as medical expenses, and lost wages. But they can also sue you directly, rather than going after your car insurance company.

auto-car-accident-675x449 What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

2 Hire an Experienced Attorney

You want someone representing you who has won many cases before and is prepared to do so again. Be sure to check testimonials on your attorney’s website so that you know what others have said about them.

Sexual-Assault-Defense-Attorney-675x450 What Happens If Someone Sues You after a Car Accident?

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