Smart Ways to Pretend You’re Listening to Your Girlfriend

Considerable differences lie between man and woman’s mentality. Many writers have tackled this issue, according to Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, men and women are from distinct planets. So the book reassures the idea of gender differences, for example when women start to complain and tell their problems this is their nature, but the clash happens when this is faced by the man’s different nature. In order to avoid such clash a clear understanding of the other is crucial. But sometimes men tend to take the easy way out and just pretend to be listening.

Nod and look concerned

Keep that face of an attentive man who is paying attention to whatever his girl says. Also nod every now and then; as your body language says much of your how you really feel.

Keeping good eye contact

Eye contact is generally thought to be a sign of respect and appreciation to the others. Moreover it makes the speaker feel secured and confident.

Blink often

Don’t let the eye contact strategy stop you from blinking, if you did so, you are screwing it because only considering human nature an average person blinks from 15 to 20 times per hour.

Smile every now and then

Smiling makes people feel better and it a trigger to words to be continued freely. So smiling makes your girl get the message of oh yeah he is fully aware of what am saying.

Laugh when she laughs

As your mind is absent let your face take the lead. All what you are supposed to do is to play along and laugh when she laughs as a gesture of understanding.

Ignore your phone if it rings

Ignoring your phone is sort of clearly admitting that honey I am all yours no distractions and no one can by any means be compared to you.

Listen to key words

This is called “selective hearing” that is the ability to hear only information that matters much to you. What happens is filtering all her rant to some key words so you would be able to get an idea of what she talks about.

Speak only when your are questioned

Answer her questions only as of course you have nothing else to say in the first place.

Be vague and general

Say reassuring words like “oh really”, ask her to go on “what’s next?” or express your happiness and surprise saying words like “amazing” and “wow.”

Say “you are right” frequently

Express your empathy and understanding by saying you are right always. Even if you don’t agree with her start your statement by admitting that she is right then say what about x (your perspective).

Finally you need to master all these tips and many others to pretend that you are listening. If you found it hard come on man and pay attention.
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