The Slow Cosmetic , It Is From Where?

Consume less but better. This is the idea of slow cosmetic. Originally  Kaibeck. This aromatherapist and cosmetologist Belgian coined the term in reference to the slow food movement other similar aimed to sensitize us to the consumption of local and natural food products. “80% of current cosmetics on the market are made with petroleum and plastic derivatives, explains Kaibeck. The purpose of cosmetics is slow to return to the use of noble and healthy plant products good for the body and the environment. ”

Early 2013, who also runs regular chronic beauty in the media, founded the Slow Cosmetics Association and file name. Driven by the momentum of more than a hundred volunteers, the association stalking brands, labels and decrypts reward their own formulations and transparent marketing. Attention, it is not there a label per one, but a similar reward to Michelin stars in the world of gastronomy.

How to adopt slow cosmetic?
“Many cosmetic stands today as authentic as this is not the case. Consumers to choose according to his ethics and his own sensitivity to the environment, “continues Kaibeck. Adopt slow cosmetics, it’s back to basics and agrees to spend more time in the bathroom, for the best way to take the plunge, rest make yourself its beauty products 100% safe. Sometimes one or two natural elements are sufficient and one product can have multiple uses. The proof with apricot oil that can be used to make a cleanser or moisturizer minute. And atopic skin, acne, mature, fat, etc. ? Do not panic, every problem, its essential oil: the rosemary for oily or geranium for mature skin.

3 recipes slow cosmetic at home
In “consuming the Slow Cosmetics” Kaibeck, one learns to realize himself his care for the body, face or hair. We selected three simple recipes and super-fast to do.

To make 100ml satin oil for the body:
In a glass bottle of 100 ml, add successively with a small funnel:
– 5 tablespoons of jojoba oil,
– 5 tablespoons macadamia oil, hazelnut or apricot kernel,
– 20 drops of essential oil to choose from true lavender, lavandin, the small Seville orange, lemongrass, fresh orange or grapefruit.
After the shower, you massage the entire body with this very sweet oil. It keeps six months away from the heat, air, and light.

To make 30 ml of moisturizing face serum:
In a glass vial of 30 ml, add successively with a small funnel:
– 2 tablespoons of borage oil,
– 1 large tablespoon calendula oil,
– 4 drops of essential oil to choose among the noble chamomile, German chamomile, small grain bitter orange or ylang-ylang.
Morning and evening, massage evenly over the entire face and leave to penetrate 1-2 minutes before proceeding to the makeup. This serum is stored for 6 months away from heat, air, and light.

To make 30 ml of sebum-regulating oil for acne-prone skin:
In a glass vial of 30 ml, add successively with a small funnel:
– 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil,
– 5 drops of essential oil of lavender or lavender,
– 5 drops of essential oil of Melaleuca, carrots and rosemary verbenone.
If the acne is severe, you can apply one drop of essential oil of lavender on the larger buttons before the application of this treatment. A repeat at bedtime also.

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