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Slave Earrings For Catchier Ears & Fashionable Styles …

Did you hear about this type of earrings before? You may know how these earrings look and how they are worn but do not know anything about their name or origin. Slave earrings which are popular nowadays are also known as multiple-piercing earrings since they require getting more than one piercing in your ear. They consist of a stud that is placed at the ear lobe and a chain that extends from the ear lobe to the top of the ear through a cuff or you may need to get a second piercing at the top of the ear to be able to wear this type of earrings. You will find that the pair of earrings are the same in their design and you can also find that they are not the same as one of the earrings comes with a chain while the other one comes with a plain stud. Slave earrings are given this name because there are two pieces or parts, the ear lobe and the ear cartilage, which are chained together or connected to each other via a chain like a slave’s feet and hands which are chained together. Wearing slave earrings is not limited to a specific country or a certain group of people and a specific age.


Slave earrings were also known as Bajoran Earrings. Wearing slave earrings has increased rapidly to be found in different countries and among women at different age groups. One of the countries that are famous for wearing this type of earrings is India as you can find that most of the Indian brides wear these slave earrings on their wedding day. Slave earrings in India are heavier, differ in their style from the traditional styles that we know especially the western one and they also differ in the way they are worn as the chain that connects two pieces with each other can extend from the ear lobe to the top of the ear where it is hung between the ear of the bride and her head or from the ear to the nose via a cuff or a piercing that is created in the nose.


Slave earrings are always changed in their design and style to provide their wearers with a fashionable look but there are main features that stay the same without being changed such as the chains and stones which are used for adorning the slave earrings and making them catchier and more elegant. You can pair your slave earrings with any type of clothes whether they are casual such as jeans and T-shirts or more formal such as dresses. Slave earrings can be found in different metals such as gold, silver and plated metals to allow you to purchase what suits your budget. A little change in your fashion and style can create a new and catchy look, so why do not you try slave earrings?


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