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Skull Jewelry for Both Men & Women

Do you like horror movies and enjoy watching them? Do you like scaring others? Are you bored with wearing traditional jewelry? If your answer is yes, then you will surely like reading this topic as it is about skulls and wearing them as scary pieces of jewelry which are really fascinating and fashionable. Skull jewelry is known to be eye-catching, large in its size, heavy and is not aimed at those people who are timid and like wearing simple and classic pieces of jewelry. Skull jewelry is available in a diversity of metals and decorations. There are skull jewelry pieces that are made of gold in its different colors which are yellow, rose and white which is the most common color and there are also skull jewelry pieces which are made of silver that is considered to be the most common especially among men for being more affordable than gold and other precious metals.


It is widely thought that skull jewelry is just suitable for men and wearing this type of jewelry is limited to males not females because of the large size, heavy weight and other features that can be found in skull jewelry and are more suitable for men, but such a thought is completely wrong. There is a wide variety of skull jewelry pieces that are especially crafted for females whether they are women or young girls and these jewelry pieces have unique features that are different from those features which can be found in the skull jewelry that is made for men or males. Skull jewelry which is especially crafted for women tends to be smaller in its size, slimmer, lighter in weight, has smaller eyes and is encrusted with diamonds or other stones that make the jewelry pieces which are worn catchier and more valuable and feminine than those which are crafted for men.


Wearing skull jewelry stands for evil, independence, power, death, piracy, immortal soul, fashion and style. Choosing this type of jewelry to be worn is more related to the personality of the wearer not the gender and this is why it is suitable for both men and women. What increases the popularity of skull jewelry and makes it highly desirable by many people is that it is appropriate for different occasions and can be paired with any type of clothes.


Skulls can be found in different types of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, anklets and even earrings in addition to other types of jewelry pieces that we wear to enhance the elegance of our bodies and make them more fashionable. If you are still confused about this type of jewelry and cannot decide whether it will be suitable for you or not, then we have to tell you that there are many celebrities who were seen wearing skull jewelry such as Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Ashley Olsen, Carmen Electra, Kate Moss, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan and more famous characters who are renowned for wearing fashionable and stylish pieces of jewelry and are responsible for increasing the popularity of skull jewelry.


Do you want to get a gothic look? If it is yes, then go for skull jewelry to seem tough.

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