Skin Care: The effective Anti-aging Treatments

Retinol, resveratrol and idebenone are powerful allies to combat the effects of aging. Discover the effective anti-aging treatments for your skin.

Treatments most effective anti-aging # Retinol (vitamin A)

To put it simply, retinol is another name for vitamin A which stimulates the natural process of regeneration of skin cells – a process that tends to slow down with age. Retinol is considered among the most effective anti-aging treatments because it reduces wrinkles caused by photo-aging, and more even skin tone and texture of the skin.

Look for products that contain at least 0.5% retinol, and gradually increase to 1% for best results. Use it only at night and take care to protect your skin during the day with sunscreen with an index of protection of at least SPF 30, because retinol increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.

Researchers commonly develop retinal molecules that our cells can more easily turn into retinoic acid. Retinal will be more effective than retinol, but also more suitable for sensitive skin.

the most effective anti-aging treatments #: Resveratrol

Among the most effective anti-aging treatments, including resveratrol, an antioxidant found in grapes. When applied locally, it reduces cell damage, protects against UV rays, and improves collagen synthesis.

Resveratrol goes further by incorporating two hyaluronic acid microspheres to French wine resveratrol (recognized as the most powerful form of the ingredient) and, resveratrol penetrates into the skin more deeply. “Your skin will regain its youthful habits and produce more hyaluronic acid to densify”.

the most effective anti-aging treatments #: Idebenone

The heavyweight champion is deep into the skin to stimulate the natural repair process and to protect it from environmental damage. Idebenone is a powerful antioxidant that is more effective than other antioxidants known as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E.


-“Teens: banish junk food” At an age when wrinkles are the least of our worries, we tend to abuse burgers-etc, But the skin has an infallible memory and all it suffers today will be tomorrow. All fried foods high in sugars increase glycation cells, which destroys collagen and elastin.

-“Drink an orange juice at night” It repairs sun damage and stress while boosting collagen synthesis due to its vitamin C, one of the strongest known anti-aging. As it is off by the sun, the idea is to take 75 mg at dinner. And if you do not like orange juice, you can replace it with a third plate of fresh red pepper or broccoli, or half a grapefruit. As the amounts are minimal, that does not prevent sleep.

-“Drink olive oil and lemon every morning” Swallow fasting one tablespoon of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon, to fuel anti-inflammatory agents, polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin C antioxidant. A little special cocktail but hyper preventive.


-“Breathe way pranayama” When we breathe, we usually use 60% of our lung capacity. So, for five minutes each day doing deep breaths and slow breaths, pulling shoulders back well. Practicing yoga, this breath reoxygenates cells and tissues.

-“Walk 40 minutes on a treadmill three times a week” Playing sports is good for the skin because exercise increases oxygen supply in cells and tissues. Yet Avoid activities such as running on hard ground, accentuating facial sag. The great runners have premature wrinkles and sagging features because of the constant shelling to which they submit their faces.

Top to avoid bad impacts: walking, stepper and elliptical. And if we did not have time, we did a bike ride for two hours every weekend.

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