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Editorial Sinohosting Review:

Do you want to reach the Asian market with your business? You can do so by making Sinohosting you choice as your web hoster. Sinohosting.net is actually a division of Sinovantage International that deals in search marketing, IT services, as well as investment consultation. Sinohosting offers hosting services to companies in Singapore, and many cities in China such as; Shanghai(where head company is based.), Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and of course Hong Kong as well as the United States letting everyone have a domain name and server in China. Sinohosting also services in email hosting as well.


 SinoHosting Services and Features:

Sinohosting offers 3 types service hosting packages:

Basic costs – RMB500/ US $79

Business – RMB1,000/US$159

Corporate – RMB2,000/US$317

Sinohosting also features Email hosting along with LAMP architecture, (Linux Apache Mysql-PHP) and features US servers located in California, Texas, Georgia, and Washington DC.


Advantages of SinoHosting.net:

Sinohosting works perfect if most of your traffic comes in from China and the Asian Pacific region. Signing up with Sinohosting helps eliminate your need for purchasing an ICP license saving you money. You may wonder though how since they are based in China can they work for you. The advantage is Sinohosting is connected to many US service providers so that even though you are hosted in the US by their US hosting division your website will still be seen in China. Sinohosting keep track of all their hosting accounts local and abroad.


Guarantee of Sinohosting:

When you work with Sinohosting your wish is their command promising you a service that is beyond your expectations. Sinohosting guarantee’s your website and business will have global appearance in China and US.


Reliability Review of SinoHosting:

How does Sinohosting rate on reliability?  The answer is pretty well since they have served over 2,800 customers in web hosting alone. This success could be due to their IP addresses are constantly monitored to help quickly reduce any blockages.


What I Didn’t Like Sino Hosting:

Some people asked me is SinoHosting.net good? What are SinoHosting.net complaints?

There is nothing not to no like with Sinohosting except for if you like talking to a physical person then that could be a problem since Sinohosting is located in Shanghai. No worries though for you can submit you’re queries via email to get the answers you seek.


SinoHosting Support:

As mentioned the customer support department could be a bit tricky. You can contact them by phone, but note that is going to be an international call. Still if you do you will definitely find someone there that speaks your language. They have a multicultural staff and that are fluent in 14 different languages. Your other option is submitting your problems online via email. The email will be assigned a ticket numbers so they can receive and answer you question with ease.


SinoHosting Promo Codes Or Special Offers:

This company doesn’t offer currently any SinoHosting.net coupon codes or promo offers.


Final Conclusion:

In conclusion Sinohosting is wonderful for those who are seeking to expand their business globally especially in the Asian Pacific region. Sinohosting helps you get seen in those regions. Sinohosting is also aimed for those who may already be getting most of their customers from the Asian Pacific region. Forget of about having to get your ICP license. Sinohosting says why not just combine everything in one and use Sinohosting. You got to like that.

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