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Singlehop. Com Hosting Review !

 What about Singlehop?

Singlehop is a one-stop-shop that provides almost everything you need in your web like cloud computing, hosting solutions and resellers like partnerships to optimize your account’s visibility. It provides clear and simple web design, faster deployment and account management. With its efficiency, you’ll find your life easier than doing everything in your webpage single-handedly.

What’s more? They have a LEAP3 technology. This is like a heaven-sent tool that automatically gives you a cloud hosting and/or VM. What an awesome idea! You will never have to provide a physical space for additional server. Via LEAP, deployment is faster. You just have to click.

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What’s good about this product?

LEAP is the best thing that ever happened in my entire web experience. It is the literal perfection of a suppose-to-be exaggerated description of “power within your finger tips”. With just a click, you can have your own cloud hosting. If you got problems eventually with the program, no need to give the service provider a phone call. You just have to click the start button located on the table and the server will replenish the failure. This will save you from overwhelming stress which you have enough already. It also gives you capability to revise entry data through DNS with a single click. Plus, it does a lot of things like organizing, duplicating copies of data entry, firewall, processing, reseller tandem and so much more.


 How does the product work?

Have you ever had a feeling like you can control everything that’s going on with your work? That is just a result of what LEAP does. It is like a magical wand that gives you everything you need. No phone calls, no physical personnel, no interrupted schedules. Just click, click, click and everything will pop!

My customers and friends were able to comment on my website by liking it on the Facebook or Twitter button. It provides more exposure and insight to the first-time readers. It actually increased my gain within a couple of months.


 What advantages did it give me?

Stress-free business life, decreased overhead cost, additional exposure and work efficiency. Wouldn’t that worth a million? I got fast recovery of lost data. The system was able to duplicate all the entries. Not only that, it even organized all the addresses that I need. It is able to cut my working time.  When I need trouble shooting, I just have to click the reboot button. There was no time wasted waiting for technicians to come over. No additional telephone cost because everything can be straightened up with LEAP3 even without contacting the service provider. You can also reach them through chat if you have urgent problems.       


 What disadvantages did I found?

The efficiency of their services is like no other. I can’t decide if it is an advantage or a disadvantage for me.  Really, if they stop giving me hosting solutions, I know I’d be lost.



It’s all written in their customer’s Bill of Rights. It guarantees to replace any broken hardware with 90 minutes. If the network fails for 30 minutes, you will get 5% credits on every damaged device. You can request tabs of usage for transparency.



Singlehop is a very efficient service provider that makes life a lot easier. It is superb in organizing data like clustering them according to categories. I do not have to look elsewhere.

Their point and click feature of making a webpage is so awesome. The LEAP3 technology gives me a lot of option in modifying my page. With the step by step mode of the process, I was able to check what are the things does my table need. It is very fool proof. Even first-timers will be able to understand it.

The reseller tandem is the best. With the social networking so popular today, a link button of my webpage to them is a great exposure.

All-in-all, I love how Singlehop.com manages my business!

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