Simple Magic Tricks with Their Secrets for Kids to Become Magicians

There are several magic tricks for kids that are very easy and simple to be learnt and performed. These easy tricks allow the children to enjoy their time and spend it in something that attracts the attention of others. The parents can help their children to learn these magic tricks to be able to perform them on their own. You yourself can learn how to perform these tricks to enjoy your time with your kids instead of leaving them play alone. Performing these tricks is not difficult and it does not require expensive materials. The materials that are needed can be found around you which makes it easier for the kids to start learning the magic tricks as fast as possible. To allow the kids to enjoy their time and become magicians, we present the following simple magic tricks.


Sawing a lady

We see many magicians sawing a lady in half, but you can do it on your own without sawing real persons. All what you need is a paper doll and an envelope or paper tube to allow your spectators to see the doll’s head and feet. You need to make two slits in the back of the paper tube to slip the paper doll through them. Slide the paper doll in the paper tube, slip the doll out from the tube through the first slit and slide it again into the paper tube through the second slit. Cut the paper tube and make sure that you do not cut the paper doll with it.


Magnetic pencil

All what is needed for performing this magic trick is a pencil. It depends on making the spectators see that the pencil stick to the palm of your hand. You can simply do that and make your hand look as a magnet through grabbing the wrist of one hand with the other hand. The trick is that you will hold the pencil by using the first finger of the hand that grabs your wrist and extending it under the palm of the other hand that is grabbed without making the spectators notice that.


The vanishing bead

You need to bring a paper cup and two beads or any other object that is small like a ball. Cut a hole in the bottom of the paper cup to allow the bead to pass through it to your hand. Put one of the beads in the paper cup and the other bead in your pocket. Put your hand under the bottom of the paper cup to hold the bead when it passes through the hole. When the spectators see the empty cup, bring the other bead that is in your pocket to show it to them to seem as if it flied from the mug to your pocket.


The necklace

You need two strings and three beads or more. Double back the two strings that you have, thread one of them through a bead which will be the center bead, take the center of the other string and insert it through the center of the string with the bead and bend it back without tying it. This trick depends on holding the two strings together and hiding this by the center bead. Tie a knot using one end of each string and ask someone to hold the beads while you are pulling the two ends and tightening the strings.


Turning water into ice

The secret of the trick depends on using an opaque cup or mug and a sponge. You need to put a sponge and a piece or more of ice. You pour some water into the cup and turn it over to allow the ice to fall without spilling the water because the sponge will absorb it.


Performing these tricks successfully basically depends on your speed. The faster you are while performing the tricks, the better it will be because you do not give your spectators enough time to notice the hidden movements that you do.


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