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Editorial SharkSpace Review:

SharkSpace LLC was founded in 2004 as a a U.S. based company.


SharkSpace Review of Features:

Sharkspace hosting offers web hosting services for small to medium-sized web sites through shared, reseller and VPS hosting.

Sharkspace has 3 shared hosting packages: the Baby Shark, Hammerhead, and Great White. Shark space hosting offer different amounts of disk space and bandwidth for every plan which is more than enough for most websites. Also these Sharkspace web hosting plans offer daily backups, free website builder, and support for popular scripts.

sharkspacereview SharkSpace Web Hosting Services Review

Sharkspace VPS packages offer good value for people who want extra space, privacy, and control over their hosting with affordable prices.

SharkSpace Control Panel – Sharkspace hosting has the easy-to-use popular control panel ‘cPanel’. SharkSpace CPanel offers an easy and complete management over all featurs like web files, stats check, security features, email options, all database operations, and 1-Click installation for the most populat 110 scripts (like wordpress, joomla, forum, etc..).

Shark Space Money Back Guarantee – Shark Space hosting offers 30 day money back guarantee for extra peace of mind. So, customers can try their hosting services and get a complete money refund if they’re not fully satisfied.


Sharkspace Hosting Review of Reliability & Uptime:

Sharkspace web hosting company has 3 datacenters distributed throughout the US in Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Ashville, NC.

Sharkspace hosting use superior datacenters network and top bandwidth suppliers, which help them in offering highest reliability, value , and the 99.9% uptime guarantee for their customers with any plan.


What I didn’t like in Sharkspace?

Really I like this company for its simplicity, affordability, and high reliability. But, the main thing which it doesn’t have is the green hosting feature.

I hope soon to see Shark space as a green hosting company.


Sharkspace Hosting Support:

Sharkspace hosting offer many support options for their clients as 24/7 live phone support by a well trained technical team, live support chat, email support, and ticket system.

Shark space hosting also offer online self-guide knowledge base called “SharkCenter”, FAQs, and their support forum.


Conclusion of These SharkSpace Reviews:

All in all, SharkSpace is a good hosting company which will always offer the high reliability, quality services, and latest technologies in addition to the flexibility to upgrade any plan anytime.

If you’re in need to get a quality services at inexpensive prices, I fully recommend SharkSpace as a best choice (especially with their 30 days money back guarantee).


SharkSpace Promotions & SharkSpace Coupon Code:

some asked me if there is any SharkSpace promo codes (SharkSpace coupons)?

The best SharkSpace coupon code you will get is the Shark Space discount you will receive when you apply the following coupon (biggest SharkSpace discount).

Uninformed buyer who register with Shark Space without this big discount will never be happy once he discovered this SharkSpace coupon button later on.

To get the SharkSpace.com coupon code, Click the following button:

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OR, Visit SharkSpace:

1- scroll to the bottom of the opened page

2- then, click the “special offers” as in the following image:

sharkspace-coupon-code SharkSpace Web Hosting Services Review


  1. I run a business website that receives several thousand orders monthly. I needed reliable and secure hosting and that is exactly what Sharkspace has provided. I have had zero downtime and my website loads extremely fast. Overall their service is top notch.

    I recommend them with overall confidence. By far the best host I have ever been with.

  2. I’m using Sharkspace since a couple of months and I love it. I was with 1and1 before and I was very disapointed. 1and1 is maybe cheap, but it’s not a good host. With Sharkspace, my sites are always up and fast.

    The staff is always super fast to answer our questions and help us if we have a problem. That’s a very good point.

    When I was with 1and1, I could wait 24hours before receiving an anwser that didn’t anwser my question. Then, I had to wait another 24hours to receive another answer and blahblahblah. They never solved my problem. Sharkspace always offered me a good support even if I didn’t use it a lot of time, but when I used it, it was fast.

    I never had any problem with Sharkspace and I keep recommending it to my friends. I live in Canada and Sharkspace is the best host for me.

  3. Some hosts don’t realize the importance of a good server, fast connection and great support means to running a company on the internet. Some hosts seem to treat the little guy far different from the big guys when it comes to support! Some hosts give you unrealistic and revokeable unlimited space and traffic, in reality you get far less.

    Sharkspace has been my host for over a year and without doubt, the absolute best in the market. I have slowly converting over my friends to Sharkspace and they also love it.

  4. First, let me say that this is a completely unsolicited testimonial.

    I’ve been running my web business since 2001, so I’ve been through my fair share of web hosts over the years.

    I stumbled upon Sharkspace in late 2007 when searching for yet another host that I could stick with for the long term.

    I signed up with a reseller account in January, 2008 and have been with Sharkspace ever since. As of this writing, it’s June 2011, so I’ve been with this company for nearly 3 1/2 years and have no plans of moving.

    I do not resell hosting with my reseller account. I have an affiliate business as well as host our own internet consulting clients.

    Tech support is amazing! They are fast and responsive (even on holidays!) and while I’ve had to submit just a handful of support requests over the last couple of years, most of the time, the issue was due to my own lack of knowledge of something silly that I’ve done. Regardless, they have always been ready and willing to help me sort it out.

    I can count on one hand maybe a couple of times of downtime, but you know, it is technology and ‘stuff’ happens. With Sharkspace, it rarely happens.

    So, if you’re looking for a hosting company that you can count on, is reliable and a place you know will be around for the long haul, I strongly recommend that you check out Sharkspace.

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